Monday, October 26, 2009

this day is my Grandpa`s birthday (mum`s side)..all of us are being ordered to attend that night!haha..this party is organised by my mum and aunty..sure i have to attend to give my birthday boy faces..=P as i also promised nicole and leon to have a date to Mid valley..sure i wont ffk them..Mv outing will be the next post !=) I reached there around 8 plus(thx buddies who drop me there )..some of them already arrived and wait for others..*luckily im not late ,if not ....=P*we taken lots of pictures that night..everyone are so happy included siblings and some aunties singing non-stop lolx..macam ada competition..XD
cut it short ,lets make the pictures..move.. look at my birthday boy smart today !!haha..
there are lots of dishes pictures which i captured by my phone..
too bad i sudden deleted all !=.=''
this is the Shou Bao".so cute..!
Love u ..=)
My daddy and Grandpa..
Sis,Uncle and i
Faye and Eunice (cousin sis )
after eating ..its time to take family photo..!

My family !!
look at my mum,trying to give my Grandpa a new cap XD
both of them are brothers..alike?
SMILE=)(for Adult)
now is our turn..the cucu gang.!(informal)
The ended..!once again..HapPy Birthday Grandpa~~


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