Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finally its OVER ..

Helloooo peoples..Faye has backed to update her old filthy blog
which full of dusts and spider webs all around..
dun worry !!its time to clean up yea !!haha.
first of all..i would like to shout out here that AS EXAM HAD DOWN AND ENDED NW !!
can u guys heard what i say ??!!
YESHHH..the exam which dragged me for a month to complete had done man =)
i`m effing excited on the last day..
lets show u guys some pics to move the route of the month studying =.=''

I would like to specially say a millions THANK YOU
to both of them YAU and NICO of sacrified thier time to tuition wit me
and always on my side of the days..
love u guys..muackxxx<3>
The days we are studying at Starbucks ..look at the babi ..lolx..
too bored she ask me to take photo for her ..=.=''haha

while i do my notes on a lil ''post it'' which stick on
my wardrobe easier for me to memorize..!
*last minutes work *blek

while i`m in the library alone..Mp3 is a sure wit me..!=)
TKS paper..

This is the day of sociology papers..
Do i look pale in these stagnant condition?!
Finally sociology and Law paper are done which held in the first week.
.damn weighty man..
this is the end of the pics..lolx.and the last word i should say is
BYE BYE to my AS chapters..!
Frankly,I hate u =P
well,the last good news to shout out is i gt holiday for 2 weeks..yeeeepieee!


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