Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Singapore Trip [ First Day]

Monday woke up on 8 in da morning..ready headed to The Mines ,Aeroline center for boarding by bus..
still yawning on the way..coz get into slumber on 4 am..
chatting wit Babi Yau (One of my Coll mate)! *she is the first fren who going oversea trip wit me *
Our coach depart on 10 am sharp and its takes approximately 5 hours !
Its really convenience for me coz i`m living at serdang which located really near Mines..no more worry of jaming when heading to Pudu for boarding !lolx..You guys should try and the service nt bad.
its just Rm 50 for single journey !
Arrived at singapore,Harbour Front Centre, on about 4pm..Carried my luggage and headed to MRT station to our hotel Holiday Inn Park View at Somerset..!once arrived and checked in and also meet up my cousin !..we were worrying about how to sleep that night..lolx..coz actually is just Me, Yau,and my sis booked one room..but all of sudden my mum and two relatives wanna join us this trip so we cant book right away..so 6 pax per room..=P Shhhh..~dun tell the manager of the Hotel =P luckily just for 2 nights..after putting down our stuff and we went out to have a look around at orchard road decoration and of course Shopping complex..guiding by Paige (cousin) Before Leaving my crib <3
Mines - showing my luggage =P

Got into da coach !

Reached Singapore..after going thru the immigration custom =)*excited *

Choosing flavoursssss

Special of chopping down the ice cream wit chosen bites!
Polaroid pics..
Orchard Road Decoration!

Love the huge Christmas tree..!

This street always will be crowded !!
Amoi, Sis,Yau and mama


Inside the CHristmas Tree =)
My mama!

Day Ended !
*more photo will be update to the facebook* & next post will be the 2nd day !!


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