Friday, November 27, 2009

sports =)

This post supposed to post by last week during my holiday..
i`m really really sucks man..tell u guys a ridiculous joke..
Originally ,i tot i have 2 weeks holiday after my final exam..
but in a sudden..the last day of the first week which is sunday ,
when i was attending my cousin`s bro full moon dinner at night..
i recieved one of my coll mate msg..she asked me tmr u gt go skul ?!
i was like wtf..start skul tmr??!what ?! i dun even know that =P
reached home ,i checked my student portal in haste ..
sigh..i saw Malaysian studies started on 2 to 5 pm which is compulsory..
which means that from 8 to 2 is normal class and 2 to 5 is my Lan class.!!
really stupid lar..8to 5 study the whole day..
just gave us about 2 hours break..
arghhhh..what a huge surprise for me !
once i know i`m freaking that angry and no mood at all !!
times really flies so fast..i attended four days lan class already..lolx..
its was really suffered coz i`m just like a dead corpse and i`m spiritless..
when i`m having holiday ,i turn on my midnight mood again..3/4 am only sleep
but now sudden turn back !!=.=''
once again..
Lack of sleep ,its really tortured me !!=P *my quote*
Lets forget about it..this is some pics when i`m exercising in the form of badminton =)
i usually when badminton every week on wednesday..coz cousins are free and no skul..
and the main point is i`m gonna burst out the sweats and oils and fats, which stucked in my sweat glad for almost a years..hahahaha..

sign..look at my sport shoe..gonna say sayonara
to my lovely Nike Air Max..!

*stay tuned for the next post =)*


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