Tuesday, December 8, 2009

21-11-09,Sunway Piramid..
Hey peeps..following post posting were last monst posts..
21/11/09 this date is one of my bff[s] Gerald`s birthday =)
Few of us planned to celebrate birthday wit him at Sunway..
[Gerald,Tact, Chin Hui,Nico,and 2 new frens (sry for forgotten ur name =P) and Faye wong =)]
besides that,i got a bad news from my bessie[Gee] that she had hospitalized in Subang Jaya Medical Centre..she gt sick of scarcoma that grow near her breast..BUT this is a benign scarcoma so just remove off then will be fine ..Thanks god..!
early in da morning..we headed to hospital b4 Gee start the surgery..we reach there around 9 am..once we reached we search for the ward and entered..once we flip the cotton..we were get shocked that we saw the stupid NIC pretend sleeping at the bed acting like Gee !!lolx..Gee was in da wash room =.=''XD we was like LOL !!but we cant !!lolx..nico and I laugh till squash down in our pose !!XD once gee was send to the surgery room then we went to AC for breakfast and wait for Rainey and Fish to arrive..but who knows they were late so we headed back to the hospital to wait gee to release!
But unfortunately Rainey went wrong way and had a collision at SS15 round a bound !OMG..once i recieve Fish`s call i was shocked ..then we quickly went to the round a bound to get a hand for them..Luckily both of them dint hurt! just her lil Swift was crushed!*picture below *
after all was done .we headed back to hospital..Gee was collected from the surgery and in da ward =) she look so pale and painful !we were so worried about her ! but nw everything is fine =)God Bless .
we leaved hospital at 2pm and headed to Sunway meet Gerald and guys..
k-session for 3 hours and then we have dinner wit them at Zenmai !
Both of my Bffs.. The Birthday Boy =)
Happy Birthday Gerald !!
Faye and Tact !
Rainey`s Car was crush in between the poles of the signboard !
Gee was checking by the nurse b4 ready for surgery !

after sunway ..nico and i headed to Leon`s crib..coz his granny had passed away..
so we went there accompany leon and send our regrads to his family !
anyway..节哀顺便 Leon!!


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