Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiffany`s Birthday

28-11-09,Nic`s crib..
Today i`m was attending Nic`s Sister [TIFFANY] birthday party in thier crib..Flash back last year thier house is having Full Moon Dinner and right nw..already 1 years old birthday party!Time really flies so fast !She is really really adorable and chubby !haha...
In da noon,nico picked me up and headed tp Jusco selatan to pick the present for the birthday girl =) we went to children department ..fool around there for an hours plus..lolx..Those toys and games are so attractive even for us..=P*too bad,Leon cant attend !*
Tah-dah..here are the presents we chosen !
We passed the goods to the wrapping service centre to help us !
and it is free of charge !
while we buying those stuff..we tagged that Babi Justin Chong along to the party!Really 3 months meet him one time =.='' *反醒一下啦 Justin chong*=P
i think he will @#$%$X when he saw this haha..
around 6pm we headed to nic`s crib..then my buddies started to play mahjong..lolx..
No mahjong No life for them XD
Sharp of 8 pm we having buffet dinner !and Jonathan`s gang arrive..
this is almost half years meet once !lolx..=.=''
see why are surians busy like this ?!!
Yeah..its time to sing birthday songs !!spot the birthday girls..so excited..!
Happy Birthday TIFFANY =)
The birthday cake is so huge..
Three Ben-ngong posting !XD
They invited a clown and play some games
Magic show for the childrens
All of us went up to his room and started playing adult`s game *gamble*!lolx..
His room turn to Casino..!
and i played ''pillow game'' by cards with that crazy Jin Fai..Laugh like shit !XD
what is so interesting?huh?!!
At last...our group photo with Babe Tiffany !


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