Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Singapore Trip [second day]

woke up on 10 morning, not really sleep well yesterday night
although its effing tired..maybe not really adaptable in different bed and country lolx..
once my Cousin [MIKI]arrived then we headed for breakfast
and went to shop at OG centre and Bugis Streets and also Superstar centre..
its really damn hot at bugis street ,streets like sg.wang type !
cheap stuff selling there.from 1pm we walked till 4 pm and we get High-tea at Cheeky Chocolate,Superstar shopping centre.,while waiting for my mama`s gangs..
nothing much to say just roll down for the pics =) Paige and Faye
Camwhore in da hotel room =P

Black Eye Peas XD

Faye N MiKi
Look the design of the stairs ..nice and colourful!
Chilling at Cheeky chocolate!
My sis N Yau
The dessert ..*saliva dropping*
i miss this so much !!!!!
Night time ,Dinner wit paige`s family !! Thanks for treating us delicious seafood dinner!!
Jiong park phong (cantonese) & perking duck !
something name'' bamboo shoot''
Crab& else.
K-session..lolx..dancing diva

Silent and windy night..lovely !

Love this building,Orchard centre!

went to cafe house for supper =P
Cakesssssssss (my fave)

The Hotel Deco!

our take away..
The another day ended like this..
*thanks god i`m wearing sandal rather than heels..if not..=.=''*
everyday when i`m heading back to hotel i was like dead fish..damn tired..but syok =)
coming up the 3rd days..!stay tuned


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