Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Cont` of Singapore Trip

This is the third day of the trip goes on !My mama`s gang are going back today !=) woke up inda morning ,ate up the breakfast at somewhere near the hotel and headed to FOREVER21 which have 3 storey =) once we get in ,the babi Yau gone disappeared !haha..she was hunting all the way XD Me too !!=P then we went to orchard central and Ion!
after hunting ,we went back to hotel and get some rest !3pm sent my mama and gangs to harbourfront for boarding !after boarding ,we headed to VIVO CITY which just opposite ! Vivo really is a must for shopaholic..lolx..we found MNG is on SALE !wow..crazy people !crowded everywhere and mess in da shop! *Faint* ! The main point i love shopping in s`pore bcoz the price digits is really smaller compare to M`sia..u will feel like wow just $XX so cheap !*sometimes forget to convert it !haha *

Get ready =)

I love this kind of colour`s christmas tree..!Nice!

Curi curi snap inside da shop!=P

under orchard centre!
never miss a chance of photo taking even in da toilet !haha..unique

Harbour Front centre ! i saw star cruise !so huge !

before my mama boarding..took pic wit her good fren !lolx..My aunt!
outside of the Vivo city!
Dinner time @western restaurant !Pasta =)
Not bad and price reasonable.!
Our shop-bought !=D
after shopping we decide to do some relax-ing exercise ''swimming'' ! Tah-da..the swimming pool =)
we are like monkey XD
next destination -->entertainment of night owl ..lolx.. time to go !
we went to a night pub which my cousin(CPL)`s working place..!
*somewhere near bugis !,forgotten the name *
If i`m not wrong this name ''Jergle boom'' *wrong spelling *=P
The relatives=) Group pic ! *thanks to CPL and her boss for treating all the drinks that night !*
walking to da club !
Paige `s frens !
nice view!
MoVe move shake shake ! packed !
that night was ladies night so ladies doesn`t nid to pay..
but guys enterance fees also not that expensive compare wit m`sia !
its just nid $15 per pax included a glass of alcohol !
its that cheap ?!how do u feel ?

My day ended like this ! Its really really damn TIRED can?!lolx..besides that wanna thanks paige and her frens of looking after us ,the newbie and protective !Thanks lot !and frankly i really had a good time wit u guys.!Nice and cute frens =)

Gonna back tmr T.T'' Dun feel like going back !!haha..

but no more $$ what to do =P

ended !


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