Monday, February 8, 2010

CNY is around the corner =)

08-02-09,blue monday ,
Currently i`m in da school and my class ended on 2 pm..just study 3 hours today..but yet is effing sleepy and bored..not only me is the whole PB4 dead like shit ..hahah coz of the Chinese New Year is just around the corner maybe..Sorry for the less update to the readers...ermm seriouly,i need the urge to blog eventhough i`m free. If i`m dun have the mood i cant write anything..i think many blogger will have this habits..=P
so what sups guys?! All the item in ur waiting list u brought ?! I just brought half of the stuff i wan for CNY..but Rm 500 which my dad gave me i had spend finish..frankly Rm 500 really not a enuff at all..i just brought a jeans, one top, 3 bottoms..!=.='' i went hunting at Pav and Mv last saturday..OMG those shop like Zara, Forever 21 and Cotton On was like night market..even getting to pay at the counter have to wait for an hours..damn long que..!Remind u guys dun go shopping on weekends when CNY is just one weeks ahead..u will have no mood when u saw such a crowded...i will try my best to satisfied myself this weekk..XD
i was busying eating the CNY cookies ..lolx..and of course the lovely ''bagua'' =)
money is my honey can?
oh yeahh i think i had to renovate my room..haha its really damn messy and so much of old stuff, my mum was nagging everyday about that XD i`m such a lazybump=P throwing off those stuff i was like ''em shek dak'' form 4&5 books and magazines and cloths. haha..
Dont u guys realise that CNy came so fast?!one year again..flash back many things have changed alot..the only one dint change which is me FaYE Wong is still me =) appreacite then XD*perasan*just now i was looking at my student ID which have my silly face ,its look so childish and young..omg. now..looks like i`m gone older 5 years..*heart* still remember that the first day of college ,all of the march in take was just like babes..but nw we are named as Super Seniors for Jan & March intake 09..haha that whats the newB call us..haha..
Recently there are something happen into me and my frens..sometimes its really disappointed and hurt but we dint disclose to each others what we are thinking..Do u think that its a good way to revoke the problem?..maybe we just dun wanna be those ass lil childish characters ..argueing always doesnt get any benefit.. but do we do anything wrong that makes us face like sentencing us?!Dont u know that feeling ?i will stop here and will not reveal more .hope so our friendship will always last *this is in my wish list too *
Oh yeah have to say sorry to Mun and Nico haha..coz i had promised them to upload Desmond and Janice wedding dinner photos by this week ..but i`m failed to do that =P
the next post will be this lar..
Adious ~
kay stay tuned =)


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