Sunday, January 24, 2010

Penny Tai (戴佩妮) `s concert @Genting

16-01-10,Penny Tai live concert @ genting.!
Miss nico gt 4 pieces of free tickets for the concert =D what a good news..! As i`m a concert kaki sure i wont miss this out !beside have to say a 1st thank you to nico that remember me haha..bessie members who are attending [Faye,Nico,Leon,Connie] so Leon came to fetch me at around 4 pm .2nd thank you is for him lol..coz they gt exam on that day ..after the paper leon drive down to my crib from Tarc..purposely get me a ride..then we headed to nico`s crib and wait for her parents to get ready..we move on 6 pm the journey just take less than an hours to genting. lolx..uncle`s driving skill pro lar !XD

The first destination is to eat buffet ,and we got treat by nico`s DAD !This is the 3rd Thank you !lolx..our buffet last for 2 hours then we went to Awana and search our seats..8.30 pm the concert started..Penny really a good singer and she is good looking as well..i love her voice so much..dun judge her coz of her lil tiny body size or even she is just a malaysia`s singer ..she really done well in singing Live..all the songs she sang is slow song but familiar. keep it up Penny ,proud of u of malaysia`s singer =)

the concert last for 2 and half hours. all of us was keep on encore-ing loudly finally she came out twice XD..then the concert ended.. we headed to starbucks and take away..there were full housed =.='' then 12.30 am we went down to gotong jaya for supper..lolx..1 am plus we back from there..singing songs all the way when heading back lolx..funny!XD reached home on 2 am plus. my dad was sitting there waiting me =P I`m sorry..

Before getting out..
At nico`s crib

On da wayyyyyReached the top of hill this scene of the sky !<3 href=""> Buffet time ..yeepiee!

Faye & Connie.=)

Chocolate fruits =D

Before the concert start !full house wehh..its not kidding XD
excited ..lets scream out LOUD!=DDDD
Dreaming sudah =P
silly faces =]

not much picture of the inside the concert and video cam is prohibited..=.=''
but i curi curi take wan XD
spot her. look pretty ! after concert..walking down the streets..syok sendiri *)
The three beloved dudes..
its really syok of the weather XD *effing love it *

mist ?!

The day ended like this..!adious~


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