Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bessie Nicole Kiew 19th eve.

The continuously outing till today the 2 of jan. celebarting my bessie Nicole`s Birthday eve on the first day of Jan..lolx.we planned to have dinner at Mont kiara .
The cuisine is really attractive and delicious ,sure there will be the next return =)
She was 19th nw..haha.b4 12 sharp she was nagging all the way that
''Omg i`m going ot 19 !how a?i dun wan to be 19 sound so old.''.haha..
but as i think that 19 is just a numberic..
as long as the heart is still young there is no big deal =)
*She feels happy to heard that i think XD*
The bessies <3

I`m enjoying the food XD

SHowing off our heels and sneackers =)
Kampai =)
The couples =)
The reflection of mirror XD After our dinner we decided to have chilling session at Library @The Curve..
the presence of smile =)
Enjoying the music and also the drinks..there were really a nice place to chill ..
its really crowded somehow.
we order 2 large pile free 3 small pile =D
Finished =)yeah..
then we headed to Nico`s crib .On the way there we started
we were crazy of that..XDwho cares.

In her 12..
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthay to u ..
Happy Birthday to Nicole...
songs spread out loudly..
we din buy her cakes coz there is no place for us to keep it without refrigerator.
so we went Coffee Bean to buy a Cup cake.
Present time XD
Judy`s call ,the first person..
Lets describe about my bessie..special post for her..
She is a very briliant person..she always get very good results..
and although some of them doesn`t like her character coz of too staright forward
or something but i rather perfer this kind of character ..
its much better than those fakers what also kept in da heart and backstabbed u ..agree?!
beside she was pretty too =)
Leon and her always are the model of couple..
coz its really a historical lover XD
she always will be the leader of our gang like my sister a.k.a Mother haha..
taking care of us is like under her resposible jor ..kaka..
Love u ~
p/s: i seldom extol ppl`s ,pls appreacite nicole kiew..its just today i will do this for u =D
dun love me so much =P


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