Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sayonara 2009!

31-12-09,The last Day of 2009,Heritage @Riverside !
Time flies like an airplane ..shuiiiiittttttttt~ its time to say Bye to 2009 ! The brand new year is coming up next after few hours..flash back that this year quite different from the previous high skul time..study in Taylors about 9 months times..i do have memories too but not as much as my high skul !sound like i`m old !lolx...kinda feel like turning back the years..how naive is everyone ?!haha..fooling around ,fighting all the way in skul and laughter always found in Form 5 level XD omfg..I really miss that so much !
I wish that everyone gt smooth and happy in the year of 2010 !!
Let get the ass off from the laziness ,headed and chase ur dream !!

kay,back to the last day ...we planned to have shisha that day !once think of shisha for sure The heritage have that to try !so we done our first try !its not bad but readers pls dun judge me or had a bad image on me..although shisha look bad habits for ppl but we just feel like trying on it! =) i tot of ppl usually will headed to somewhere like KL for countdown..but who knows the rivers side are so crowded..!when coming to 12 sharp everyone were so excited and keep blowing thier wiser =)

The 3 sistas
Sharp of 0.00 am the 1 jan of 2010 !!hurrayyyyyyy!!!
everyone leave the helium balloonsss flies over the sky !!all the bad luck was gone after it !!
God bless =)
how crowded is it !!!
Leon had gone dizzy after too much of shisha !!haha
Crazy shots !

Hope our friendship last forever =)
Day ended !!


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