Wednesday, August 19, 2009

special for Leon lim =)

*ehem*..hey people this post is special for one of my buddy name [Leon Lim Cheng Ann] is slightly over 12 am..means is 20-08-09 !which is his big day..i would like to wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!=) now u finally legal !lil boy..haha..
although he looks that tall and firm..but he is the youngest among the members of my beloved gang..haha..but he is very mature & sporty lar..he just like my brother..same class wit me in high school for 2 years which we played everyday ,fool around ,lunch always together..outing always the 5 of us..add on..he is my bessie`s[nico] bf..haha..For sure we sayang him lar..XD..HE always be the LAUGHTER- maker !loves to joke around and fight with me !XD
anyway..wish he have a bright future..
happy &sweet the couple always !!
*stay charm and smile brightly always*Friendship never break !=)


besides..i`m gonna neglecting this blog after my trial exam which two weeks more later ..

there are several post delayed and will be updated after my exam ..!

wish me luck yea people =)


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eason World Stage 26 Live in Malaysia 09

Yea..tomorrow will be EAson Moving on Stage 26 Live in Malaysia...
Do i attend?! NO !!*sigh* I miss it this time again !! Frankly ,i craved for Eason`s concert several times..but unfortunately all the time there are something prohibits me to attend...every time his concert i`m having some important stuff going on !Examination (PMR & SPM trial )..=.='' then this year...due to i`m late for the tickets and the main reason H1N1..
*screw *ended..
anyway..Best wishes for EASON tmr!!Do enjoy his concert tmr..!*shouted *=)

12-08-09 --Charity Fun

Yea ...its Taylor`s Main Campus`s turn to have Charity Fun..still remember the pervious post of TBS Charity Fun ?!any flash back shots?=)

Venue :Taylors` Main Campus
Time :9 am to 1 pm .
Booth : Manicure /French nails

As usual i step in the school on 7.30 am ...i saw ppls are preparing already ..and i was fooling around with my mates in cafeteria..lolx..actuallly i have class on 8am..but due to some reason my class had canceled !so we wait till 9am we moved to the Class G1 to start our business..=)
We are making Manicue business...which is Based colour =rm 10 ; French Nails = Rm 20 to 25 !..isn`t it cheap ?!where can u find..add on ..we are Professional punya !haha..i`m excluded ..=P these are the pictures i taken ..have a look..
its pretty different from high school is much more crowded and ppl are really full of passion on helping charity even lecturers..!

This is the broucher of my class..sticked everywhere aroud the campus..
they are part of my mates =) Kam-leng,Khai Xing ,Suk Qing,Josephine..
Its started to be crowded..i act as an receptionist /cashier...=p

Yea.. cute lil Terry..He wants his nails to be Pink .!acting cute lar !
Thanks for coming my booth =)
*look at his Tee*=.= come the Lala CK ..we helped him to painted his long finger nails also a display a.ka. our models of the day !XDFake ?!NO !!Its real ..he kept it that long !lolx..see..even our campus lecturer are that passion on this event..lolx..its a Game booth which used a tennis ball to hits the marks and makes the ppl to fall into the tangki wit full of water !
He looks charming XD

she is my Law`s lecturer,Ms.Margrett..with brilliant debate-ing skill ! business to us also !lolx..Thanks for suppporting to be *one-day* customers !!lolx..

Great and Fun

END by F.A.Y.E

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Malaysia`s series Beauty Cooking show !!=)

Last Saturday ,Country height`s nic house..
3pm ,Nic ,Gee and me arrived at Jusco ,cheras selatan..having lunch while waiting Leon and Nico..
then we went to the supermarket to search for ingredient !!ingredient?!for what?haha..
coz our bos (mr.nic) pop up an idea of cooking contest in his house..lolx..since we feel that bored and non-surprising of outside we make a
Malaysia`s series of beauty Cooking..lolx..
Frankly,i`m really bad in cooking..lolx..but i gt confident that they wont hospitalized ..=P
so i planned to cook the easier dish ,FRIED Fillet with lemon..
well,Babi Justin also joined be our chef ..lolx..he makes tiramisu for us..*i`m waiting*wakaka..then we started to push the trolley rot around the market..around an hour..then we bill..the amount is about Rm124..for 6 participants !
Then we headed to nic`s house..start to prepare...first thing i do is to defrost my fillet..but i`m the last participant to cook..cause to prevent out of taste coz my method is fried..easy and fast !=) lets use the pics to show the routine of the contest ..haha..

First beauty-Nico (speghetti with mushroom tomato sauce)&leonic (mashed potato)

see so perasan..*sure win *pulak ..haha

very impatient faces..lolx..

this chef make his tiramisu from start till the ended of the contest !lolx..becoz we dint have the full set of equiment so he make it by his god..what a long procedure..!he really pro and patiently chef !*pui fuk *

Making Mayonese for my fried fillet !

Cooking in progress!!

*Videos made by FAYE

2nd beauty -Gee (shrimp wit sauce)
3rd beauty-leon (Juicy Steak)Fourth Beauty -Nic (Grilled Salmon)Fifth Beauty-Faye (Fried Fillet wit lemon &self-made mayonese)opps..sudah kena spot gt helper ''tolong''me..!!minus mark..=.=wondering how to use this machine..XDegg white which beat till milky and stilky !let`s MAKaN!!!Mark given section..our total marks..!!!tiramisu haven baked out !*waiting*

while waiting for the tiramisu mould-ing..we went to nic`s room for play back the videos we took when our trip in Penang last year..omg,.all of us laugh till my lungs gonna burst !!wakaka..damn funny and memorable..!!then went to sing k in da K -room..lolx..while i`m still *waiting* lolx..

finally ,doesn`t disappointed me..babi chef really made his tiramisu sucessfully !all of us was liking the forks till finished !he is the winner of the day ..lolx..its pretty tired to cook these few dishes..but its really fun and enjoyed.. !!i learned alot !*Do u guys know how to make the mayonese?, how to whole the knife in the correct way?how to crack the egg perfectly?what is the procedure of tiramisu?wakaka..i know *proudly*=P

My day ended like this =)

*feel so sorry for nic`s slave coz she clean up for us all the things.. Thanks alot !*

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I`m sick ~

hey guys..i`m sick like hell...its so suffer of this kinda normal symptoms...Fever(38.5),Cough,Flu and Headache ..,what a bad day for me..i was damn headache *i gonna crack my head* in the school..went back home and rest ..then i went to the doctor ..u know what ?!i had waited for an hour plus..=.=''so crowded and such a long head was that burn and gonna burst ..T.T'' finally i met the doctor..he gave me med and Two days i din go skul for this two days..i heard from my classmates..many of them are sicked like me..besides,i heard that SAM course already two classes quarantine in Taylors...OMFG..i was damn frightened..hope all of them get well soon included me..*sigH* even my bessie ..Gee and Nicole also sicked...take care guys..!!
here are the drugs i need..i HATE drugs..!!

i wear mask even at home..i dun wanna spread virus to others..*not comfortable and hot *

Special thanks to my Parents !thanks a lot !

p/s: Thanks guys who sending me msg for the concern..thanks for the caring...=)


besides,i`m gonna post this b4 12..coz today is RAINEY Tan Shook Ting`s big day..=)


so sorry that i cant celebrate wit u guys..i cant stand of the sick..

yea..i owe u somethings as u said...lolx..

Stay happy and wealthy!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The last of JulY!

Yea ..Friday !!=) feeling is pretty relax and good !as usual ,i dun really focus in the four hours class !my spirite & mind are thinking where to play and have fun !i`m not a good determined student ..=P Just forgive me haha...this Last of the JULY !
my gang of mates planned to go Shogun at Sunway ..but frankly in my words,i`m really that broke u know !i`m going to buy Eason chan`s concert ticket next week and i haven get the feeling of ''shop till u drop''!i`m desperate so much !haha..saving half was gone in this week !In the average i used up rm 20 per DAY (week of schooling)!In my mind i was like ''omfg'' now i only reliased it !but as i had promise them so i`m going too =)
yea..after class we went Sunway for Shogun ,but unfortunately the buffet duration was due to 3 pm..when we reached already 2 no choice we better headed to Italianies for our lunch !since some of them dint try it before..obviously girls,we use to share our dishes..coz its really heavy and preoccupied easily..=) so we just order 3 its really enough for us..and we order cocktails also..
there sounds funny that the waiter asked us isn`t u are legal ?!show me ur IC pls..lolx..i was like =.='' r u sure ?!haha..of course legal..he was just joking wit i look so that young ?!haha..*happy*Here are my mates..=)

Tequila Sunshines & Grape splash !
we sat there around an hour half..laughter spread through the builiding..lolx..especially that mr.Jy and Lala and Lu yau ..laugh my ass off...wakkaa...then we planned to watch movie !anyone heard The Proposal b4?!yea i watched it !!the rate for this movie is 3.8/5 !!lolx...its really funny..whole of the cinema was spreading out laughter loudly *esp:that black behind damn loud haha..and that soh po Luyau !*

My day ended like this...!

p/s:Sry to Gerald and Tact..i`m cancel the session with them again ...forgive me pls..=)