Friday, June 20, 2008


Today is a very fucking day !My handphone being stolen !!
dunno which fucker stolen my phone ! really son of ppl bitch...
i went to pasar malam in cheras (leisure mall) at around 9 pm !jux like normal wearing and then walk wit slow speed ,looking around wit no idea wat to do !after finished around then i went in to LEISURE mall ..finding my phone to see whether gt any missed or not ! SHIT ~ i realised tat my rubbish bag was tear wit a hole !and i cant find my phone and my house key (PRADA Key bag ) !!POK KAI ah ~dunno which hell ppl stolen !!=(
Oh my god phone jux used for three month and still gt rm 5.00 credit !early use finished it !!heart so pain !!tis time really bleeding blood lo !!haurrrr~~~~my phone ...luckily i din buy memory for it !if not ..i gonna bang the wall !!i really very damn hate that stupid thief !!!!!Mother ah ~call him becareful !!HOPE he will Pok Kai when he was walking ,eat wad vomit wad ,stucked when he was drinking ,steal till SHIT when he was stealing ,cant sleep for 77=49 days ...dreaming of ghost !!!FUCKER !
Really hate to go PASAR MALAM from now onwards!!!REGRAT ~~
ATTENTION here: everyone please becareful when u are in crowded and when walking in pasar malam !Dun give them get any benefit on you !!Please becareful ~