Monday, June 29, 2009

收心养性 is the last day of my lovely holiday !!omfg..i feel like crying..T.T i have to struggle for two months more..u know what?! my trial is on the end of august ! From today onward its reallt the time for me to 收心养性 !!no more playing in class and have to chase chase chase !!i dun wanna get a terrible result again !i promised here !
To my classmate..:anyone seeing Faye playing in class,talking,not paying attention ..
pls give her a slap and scold her..!!
I feel sorry to my beloved buddies that i cant engage them for the trip !
i feel sad T.T'' its really busy after skul reopen !
so hope that u guys enjoy the trip much and much !
oh yea..the new timetable is outed !erm..i`m quite satisfied wit this timetable coz the period is nice !almost everyday i gt two hours break =) and as usual the Friday is ended on 2 pm !yeah !
besides..really Thanks for my fellow frens who fulfilled my 2 weeks holiday !Thanks a lot..!
becoz of u all ,the holidays full of colours..!=)
so i have to stop here..gonna clean up my room !its really super duper messy !
i get scolded by my mum for severals time..u guys know how lazy for those who know me XD!
buh-bye !
enjoy the life dudes !

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My beloved Gang !haha..

Saturday ,27-06-09

Get my ass off from the slumber on the sharp 12 noon! went to have my lovely breakfast at equine with my lovely Grandpa and sis..! then headed back home decided to do exercise !haha..since holiday for two weeks ,my waist get round lagi !>.<''lolx..
for half an rang..
haha...stopped &forgotten the word exercise le !XD
i`m going out wit my beloved gang [Gee,Nico,Nic,Leon] to Mines...for snooker-ing !
but one of my beloved bessie din appear !>.<'' NICO Kiew ~''wanted''haha
so went for snooker skill was really sucks !lolx..even the crew there teached me how to use the cue and hit the ball !..Paiseh lar..
after around an hour half..some of them was crying out that they are very hungry !lolx..
then we headed to 21 Cafe somewhere around Kajang !first time being at the place..not bad !
surrounding is quite nice and night view provided summore !=) Its like a steak house !
Here the pictures..!

all of them are mumbling to me that they have many assigment going god..everyone busying wit the stuff..!hope so ..24 hours enuff for them..Gud luck guys !=)

add on to Nic..hope he get well soon !

p/s:i dun wanna hear the bad news ah !hahaXD


Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P Micheal Jackson

May u Rest in Peace Micheal Jackson !!
U Are the Legend Of Us !!
we will never forget u !!
Ur moves,dances, voices, icons of wearing ,styles really unique!
its will be always in my mind !!
No one can replace U !!
i still remember that when i was the age of 8 i started to hear ur songs
watch ur concert dvd!
my family and I are the supporters of U !!
What a waste! i dint watch b4 ur concert !!but now..*sigh*
love u forever
The King Of Pop!
Muah !<3
From :FaYe

Friday, June 26, 2009

Night lifestyle ended soon!

26-06-09,friday ,
when holiday started my slumber hour delay day after day..XD its change to the original of the holiday lifestyle in late night !but my holiday left 3 more days ..gonna say BUH-Bye very soon !my god..frankly i used to it so far..Thanks to my frens who fulfilled me for the 2 weeks holiday ..!=) about wad`s make me awake in the midnight hating to the nightmare lifestyle..!

yesterday night, i webcam-ed wit that stupid Judy for two hours + while she overnight at Grace`s crib..since now she having the holiday !i wonder why i can chat with her tat long..XD we web from 1 to 3.30 Am!=.=''
haha..i think u guys will think ,..i`m insane !beside ,we took those stupid pictures..really laugh my ass off !let show u guys some of our product..

CAUTION !its really ugly..anyone who tak boleh tahan please dun see...XD

SPOT our stupid Faces..lolx..


while that is my new hairstyle...damn short..anyway its just a new look =) i had dye my hair also ..first time dying..erm i think is golden dark brown..but frankly...its really a dark colour..haha..not really obviously..!it just can see under the light/sunlight!

look like this...*undersunlight*


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 Jun 09

hey guys..i`m went back to Taylors today with Grace and Judy..!yea..Is JUDY Wan..surprise?!i think we din meet her for half years after SPM !really miss her so much!..
one week din step in Taylors already..went to AC meet Ah lai,choong yean, Sm,Kian Tact,Enn joo..while having our lunch ...the aim i back Taylors is to accompany Grace to resign her course which business foundation...she looks much more relax and freely after she had decided her decision..i really feel the envy..!!but i hope she really know whats she wants to study next !enjoy your holiday..=)
u know what?! 1st sem result was out !Its really terrible..yea i know when i`m taking the test !i already know what result i will get !i had prepared !forget about it..
okay..lets said something about today our routine.!after Grace had taken the form from TBS then we went to PJ campus..Jude bring us around her skul..Pj campus really much different from our campus..!i prefer our campus lo..!Then we headed to Sunway for some walk and drinking session in Starbucks!chewing fat there...lolx..stupid judy make me laugh crazily..!
next they planned to go my crib coz we feel no other places we interested and we are broke..!wakaka..Jude asked us that how to make up she wanted to learn !so on the spot ..Grace and I help her to make up !lolx..
Spot the different !=)sure we had cam whore ! friend forever..=) *i`m not les*

showing stupid faces !XD -Her favourite poses..!

here the babi join in !=)haha..JK

they leaved on 7 pm..coz Jude gt piano class..phiew !time passed so fast !
i dunno when can i meet her again..half year later ?lolx..
its really flash back what we did in high skul..she sit beside me for 2 years and we were same class for 3 years!.she just like my sister ..she cares me alot ,tuition for me b4 the exam,we always played crazily in class and we always stick tgt in class and laugh like hell (esp her laughter)!she always straight forward (she will always straight to the point and give comment in her view) this is her character!haha..anyway...hope we will meet soon !miss u =)
Thanks Grace for the ride for this two days..Its really funny when we were riding the way..dangerous??!no lar..just like roller coaster high!haha..=P babi driving is like that !u have affected me to say the word Babi lar..lolx..>.<''