Friday, November 27, 2009

sports =)

This post supposed to post by last week during my holiday..
i`m really really sucks man..tell u guys a ridiculous joke..
Originally ,i tot i have 2 weeks holiday after my final exam..
but in a sudden..the last day of the first week which is sunday ,
when i was attending my cousin`s bro full moon dinner at night..
i recieved one of my coll mate msg..she asked me tmr u gt go skul ?!
i was like wtf..start skul tmr??!what ?! i dun even know that =P
reached home ,i checked my student portal in haste ..
sigh..i saw Malaysian studies started on 2 to 5 pm which is compulsory..
which means that from 8 to 2 is normal class and 2 to 5 is my Lan class.!!
really stupid lar..8to 5 study the whole day..
just gave us about 2 hours break..
arghhhh..what a huge surprise for me !
once i know i`m freaking that angry and no mood at all !!
times really flies so fast..i attended four days lan class already..lolx..
its was really suffered coz i`m just like a dead corpse and i`m spiritless..
when i`m having holiday ,i turn on my midnight mood again..3/4 am only sleep
but now sudden turn back !!=.=''
once again..
Lack of sleep ,its really tortured me !!=P *my quote*
Lets forget about it..this is some pics when i`m exercising in the form of badminton =)
i usually when badminton every week on wednesday..coz cousins are free and no skul..
and the main point is i`m gonna burst out the sweats and oils and fats, which stucked in my sweat glad for almost a years..hahahaha..

sign..look at my sport shoe..gonna say sayonara
to my lovely Nike Air Max..!

*stay tuned for the next post =)*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween add on Farewell =)

Its halloween day tonight..
but yet this outing is not for celebrating Halloween ..
its headig to farewell party which held at Mont Kiara..
the main character name..Beatrice Chong..
she was off to USA nw as i`m late for this post..
we were frens, isn`t long just about 2 years plus..but we gt lotsss of laughter when we gather together ..sweet memories its always in our mind!!
hope she will be having great life in US and enjoy too =)
cut it short , thanks for inviting me to her farewell party..
i had bump into my ex-school mates like Karen yong ,Hong Quan ,kelly
and others ex-seniors..
which N years din meet up..great to meet them up again *heart*
stay there about 2 hours plus..then we headed to KimGary @Sunway..for supper =P
all of us was fascinated by the music of the club..*pom pom pom bow bow bow *lolx..
manys ppl were dressed up so differently out from the club..we were like, ''lets enter da club man''..haha..but its just dreaming ..half-broked(X-$$) does not have the qualification to say anything haha..after supper our days were ended..

Form 5 gang =)
Take Care Bea ,MISS U !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fridays Outingsss random..

Dunno when its starts that this fews weeks ,
Fridays always will be the best day for outing
coz Nico and Leon doesn`t have class on every Friday !!
sound great rite?!
the whole week of skul days just have to head to skul for 4 days..
thats all !but its only last for a semester..!
And i , exam period which last for a months..
there are plenty of days for us to the next paper..except for the first week..
as i`m those kind of brisk notti girls..
for sure they will trying to escape the choice of rotting at home =P..
Thanks for my buddies to calling me up for movies, shoppings,eats,
and even just for a walk...
i`m pleased of it <3
Recently i watched Phobia2,Poker Kings,THIS IS IT and 2012..
most of the movie i wanna watch i do=)
i`m double Thumbs up for 2012 and phobia 2 and This Is It!
recommanded to watch=)

The Friday of 23/10/09
venue:Mid Valley,Chillis <3>

The Friday of
venue: Pavillion,Wong Kok

Iphone Lovers..challenging

The Friday of 13/11/09
Venue:Mid Valley

Kim Gary
ended =)
*thanks budds !*

Finally its OVER ..

Helloooo peoples..Faye has backed to update her old filthy blog
which full of dusts and spider webs all around..
dun worry !!its time to clean up yea !!haha.
first of all..i would like to shout out here that AS EXAM HAD DOWN AND ENDED NW !!
can u guys heard what i say ??!!
YESHHH..the exam which dragged me for a month to complete had done man =)
i`m effing excited on the last day..
lets show u guys some pics to move the route of the month studying =.=''

I would like to specially say a millions THANK YOU
to both of them YAU and NICO of sacrified thier time to tuition wit me
and always on my side of the days..
love u guys..muackxxx<3>
The days we are studying at Starbucks ..look at the babi ..lolx..
too bored she ask me to take photo for her ..=.=''haha

while i do my notes on a lil ''post it'' which stick on
my wardrobe easier for me to memorize..!
*last minutes work *blek

while i`m in the library alone..Mp3 is a sure wit me..!=)
TKS paper..

This is the day of sociology papers..
Do i look pale in these stagnant condition?!
Finally sociology and Law paper are done which held in the first week.
.damn weighty man..
this is the end of the pics..lolx.and the last word i should say is
BYE BYE to my AS chapters..!
Frankly,I hate u =P
well,the last good news to shout out is i gt holiday for 2 weeks..yeeeepieee!

Monday, November 2, 2009


All of sudden i feel like writing something here for no reason..lolx..
just wanna express out some words..=P
i`m waiting the clock turn to 10.30 pm
then i gonna start to finish up my econs chapters by tonite..
i left four more chapters now...i`m anxious about it..
yea..this is the last two papers but it dragged for two weeks ..god...
frankly, i had lost my study mood lar !!
just now one of my frens said that they have planned to genting trip after exam..l
olz..sound excited !weeehhhee=)
yeah..i had planned to somewhere else too for my is still a *secret* hehe..
.This Friday i gonna watch THIS IS IT ..i heard some of them say this is really awesome..
so u guys dun miss out yea =)
i gonna stop blah-ing right now..haha..its time !!
i think most of u will get a pretty slumber tonight but its not for me ..
i got a feeling that tonight gonna be a late night o !!i wan my slumber too =.=''
anyhow just drank caffein to stay awake the whole night !!=P