Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LAN Exam..=(

29-04-05, First exam in A level..which is Lan (moral) !
i had to study for 6 hours b4 the exam...which usually my class goes on...there are exam on 3.30..from 6 am to 4.30pm ..i was so stress !!TIRED !argghh...we are using the Multi Purpose Hall man..lots of students..over hundred...luckily i gt experience when i`m high school ..finally ended..*smiling*
beside..i had be alone at home for 3 days..i was damn boring that left my doggy accompany me..Bro and daddy not tat early back home..mum and sis when to Thailand..Maggi mee is my dinner !..BORED BOred and bored...speechless..
furthermore..i miss my buddies..NICO & GEE....long time din meet and talks to them..i wonder are they fine??i think they will be busy when they started school soon..My beloved buddies enjoy the day left (holiday) dun play play o ..!=)
Tis coming friday ..we are going to celebrate Mr.Kian birthday ..!wish him Happy earlier Birthday nw..=)yea..we will chill tat day ..hope tat we have a lots of fun..and..And..AND the main is..SAT ..wad am i going to do ??haha..i`m going to watch WANG LEE HOM !!!!haha...i`m so excited..!cant wait anymore....!!!LOVE uuuuuu... test tmr or not??see first ..haha..lazy..i need rest !blek..
bye..take care evryone..!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Laugh my ass off..!boom boom shake shake~

hello FRIDAY Friday...friday...i LOVE Friday..!
ended class on 2 ...planned to chill out wit Grace and Belinda(my new fren)..they skipped malaysian study so they ended class on 1..!they when to have lunch &pool-ing while waiting for me..Thanks...then..start our plan..=)
firstly we went to sunway piramid for movie..we watched ''coming soon''wth...tis movie was okay for me..not really tat being scared !is just tat i was scared by who ''ghost''who sat beside me..!god..they scream like hell..lolx..whole cinema can heard them..!tis is the first time i feel tat syok..haha..especially Ms belinda !she almost cover all over her face wit her clothes..>.< haha..<>
erm..the rating of tis movie is 3.5/5..satified ! after the movie..
we went to KIM GARY for our lunch & have a drink..chatting about CHONG PAO PING the whole day !haha..tis is the title for us today..we really used to laugh the whole day ..
left on 6.30 pm..time for pasar malam..when to leisure mall pasar malam..walk for an hour plus..when to TAN CHAR HOUSE meet up Kent,Leslie,Small alex,&one of the guy forgotten ur name sry !sat for few hours..blowing water there...chewing ppl fats..lolx..

Eye bags and black eye circle is become serious =(

Here is Ms Belinda !

definetely laugh off..coz he said the pic look like GIRAFFA..haha..*look*

beside i wanna thanks Kent for the cake u gave me !=)& THank Grace for the ride..=)

Ps:act there r more pics but i have recieve from grace so jux posted !



today i was fall asleep after skul..i dun even know which corner i left my phone..6 to 8 i slept...when i woke phone had 11 missed call..DERR...i totally forgotten tat i gt date wit Volleyball gang..lolx..sry..FFK !and i din turn up for Yum cha-ingwit leon them..god once again FFk..!SO sry to my dear buddies..!
then i had to do my hw ...btw i was online-ing also..>.<..having webcamwit my 2nd sister.. coz i long time din meet her&my nephew since they back to are the photo i taken ..
my sis was one of the IT ''genius'' !!lolx..she din even know how to webcam ppl..although she gt laptop for since N years...!!>.<'' i think their connection are very unsatify coz is so lacking..

i used to laugh like hell when i saw her ''blur''face..scracthing her head..lolx..

Hey hey baby r u ??muah....faster call me ''yi yi ''lar..

my siblings all are in my room..!XD

yeah..tmr friday le..!finally i wait till the last day of weekdays...can have fun !!hehe..

Hello pupil GUDNITE o

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Die die also have to do !XD

Today my class timetable was really freaking bored..makes me feel asleepy while studying ..i studied six hours today..DER....i`m tired enuff...!
when break time had a lunch Grace ,Belinda and Cherrie!they makes me laugh like hell..lolx..! time for TKS class..our lecturer ,miss chong makes the class fun today..she really cute lar..she made out tis words..''DIE DIE ALSO AVE TO DO EXAM'' haha..saying her subject is compulsory !
Finally ended class on 3..but i have to wait my aunty till 4.30 !SUPER DERR..!when reached home..
MR.Gerald said tat he is coming to my house within two mins..planned to play volleyball..!although i`m tired but i still do excercise for relaxing..rite?!when to serdang raya ..
Joined a gang of bangladesh nor indonesian in a,,,they really good in tat !i missed few balls tat make me so shameful..lolx..but anyway nice game..!
back home after hour plus i dun feel like doing homework or any revision..bored..blek.. so do some camwhore ..hehe..yea..i knw is ugly but..who cares..~

below tis my gang member`s hand in college..Guess which is mine??hehe...too free when attending LaN subject..tatoo-ing

Edited by Miss Yau...THanks...!

today i definately sleep very early..tired...!ended...bye ppl !muah

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunway Lagoon...(20-04-09)

Hi guys...this is the last day of my whole week holiday..i feel em shek day lar..T.T..but is fun for today !today some of my collegues planned to SUNWAY LAGOON !The aim is we are going to celebrate Nikki & Daniel birthday !
here is the first pictures be going in !...
the dudes are..(left to right) Nikki,Slyvia,Nicole,Josephine,Ru Yau,Shook ,Faye ,and the three boys...William,Jen yang ,Daniel !=) Toilet in da house !
i scream out as louad as i could (to relax myself)...when i`m sitting those machines ..lolx..coz tis fews week i really feel every stress to myself !its really cure me...!=)
we fooled around for fours hours..5 pm we came out ..coz everyone was very tired and hungy ..!

Me and Yau ..she is the funniest friend..lolx..when she laugh u will automatically laugh wit her..!crazy frens..!=)Tis is josephine..!when the first day i meet her..i feel tat she look like JUDY WAN!!lolx..
we brought them a couple shirt ..for thier burthday present..Ordered them to wear the day..haha..they feel so shameful..but they are not couple lar..=)
here is Daniel and me..!he is the sporty man..he know many sports tat when he told me i was..>.<" haha..

Here are we !SAY cheese...shh..dun disturb he is wishing..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NIKKI & DANIEL

I MISS U !!!

Hello are some my nephew picture b4 he back to U.K. i miss him so much...!even my mum everyday talks about always go to his bedroom to smell the Baby`s smell..haha,,i`m i crazy ??lolx..he was sicked coz now he is growing his lil teeth...caught fever.!i`m worry about him...hope he will recover as fast as possible !!take care...muahhhhh!!!!=) mummm mumm....erm...not nice..lolx..

Opps!!naked !!bathing lar..feel shame shame...=P


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jungle trekking..

Here are the pics tat taken when i`m jungle trekking..
In the begining...all of us was so energized..
say cheese...
Arhhhhh~~gt worm !!T.TGambateh neh....FAye & sister..
He is the one who the first guy reach the peak !=.= see he ''self happying''
Nice Green..My sis gonna faint soon .haha,,

Trekkers (8 of us..cyrus ,''Katt zatt'', Sam (bro with green shirt),wendy (sis ),others i forgotten thier name..sry..)