Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The last day.

What so special for this day ?huh?! let me guess!~
the last day of School,
Last day of Exam,
Last day of being Taylorian,
Last day of going school by van ,
Last day of meet up the PB4 ...YESH !BINGO!
Can u just feel me?how excited am i?!
I just cant express out and i cant imagine Faye wong can stand for CAL one and the half years. I feel so great Btw i know the result might be the most critical about but i gave the God to judge.
As long as i had do my best that it !.No looking back.
Anyway...i will miss them *eventhough we are not that close*and memories will never gone in my entire life.There`ve a words to said that 'If u treat them as friends eventually they are too.'
Although they are not the best in ur past ,but they are best in the years u have been with .
Not only Pb4 but the Van-mates *what i called* ahhaa..even they are bananas ,but u will found out the different style they have ,compare to the yellow skin but in chinese mother-tongue.
Jokes its much different and the way they treat u =D Frankly ,im greatly the glad to know them Lets have some pictures to figure out my lil mates here .

*hmm just ignore me..i`m insane =P*

The footpath of school. I cant wait to strike out the last paper. =S
Here comes some last years pictures.
The most impressive girl with her laughter XD
Soon Lu Yau The Most talkactive once
Angela,Swee Peng,Faye
Nikki & Suk Qing
The Babi Ee Hong*the sporty girl*..
usually i will call her babi when we meet and she will call me Lembu =D
Nicole Taiiiiiiii ~ hahaha...Best ever SP frens.
The gang wit addicted Mario game. Nikki and CY
The 3 Bitches in da class XD
Ck -The most impressive one with his long finger nails.
much more longer than mine omg.
Crazily in their crib.
The middle -Sam G! our 大家姐=)
And Of course never ever forget !
Rainey Tan -My best company a.k.a bessie in the skul.
The half years really No You No ME!!
I`ve appreciated the max.!
Thank You so much !You gt my words =)
The Van-mates..The best mates ever.
Love u guys..!I miss the jokes and laughter!
Faye & Mary! Make-up-ing in da van.
Sean !
Terry Sua !
Matthew !

Opps so sorry i dun have Shwee Nee , SAM , Sebastian, and Polward `s photo..

But you guys are placed in my heart =)

There are lots of pictures...i just randomly picture..

If some others din show up pls excuse me =)



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