Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cameron trip on*16to18 feb*=)

The Post of Cameron 3D2N trip during Chinese New Year..I went there on the 3rd days of CNY (chor 3) .I post first becoz i haven receive all the photos for the previous days =) Dun nid to have a deep introduce ,every Malaysian will know manatu ''Cameron Highland'' rite?!LOL..Lets follow me where the pictures goes =) On the way ..about 3 hours from KL
The night owls drinking a glass of beer while snooker-ing..what a life XD
The ambience was great in cameron highland resort =)
Went to Boh Teh Estate!

beautiful Scene-NYA
The Group of relatives !
My elder sis ,mama, and Babi :)
acting monkey XD
The process of the boh teh ~
*ignore my faces ..non make-up *
Then we went Vege Farm =)

My Uncle ..he just like a kids =D
My cousin bro..acting dai lou =S
Babi love the farm so much =)
What is he doing? =D
Teh Farm again ..Cameron Bharat
Cameron Bharat !
Love the weather..eventho there are sun shining bright but the weather is just cold and comfortable..<3
Worm =S fucking huge !Goshhh.. Look at there plantation technic ..from ground to the top of the hill!
Bee Farm..i dislike this farm coz
the bee is irritating me ..*scream*
Why do cameron have lots of flies all over around ??
The sky is awesome =)
There are two part of the Boh teh estate ..
This is the 2nd part which near Tanah Rata (if i`m not mistaken)
People Mountain People Seas man..XD
Beside there are a slope hill which allow visitors to climb up to view the whole estate ~!
Something like look out point !why not ?Is a sure To climb as we are YOUNG fellow haha.
My sis is showing Taichi movement wahhaa..
Ignore my lame style.just thinking of comfortable XD
dun even have sandals but slippers only =P Acting all the way wuhahha..*retarded*

Gossip gang below =D
WIng blow too strongly ??:D
Say peace and ended here..
There lots of pictures but i just randomly pick !Its lot of fun there wit the bunch of relative ..
Laughter spread everywhere we goes hehe..
This is my 2nd time to Cameron ,and
the previous visit was when i`m 8 years old ..
can u imagine i can flash back any ?If u guys have time ,may do have an idea to here..
actually M`sia have lots of places which unique and natural environment will make u
forget all the stress on ur works, exams,assigment,moneys,negative emotion =)
why not have a try dude !


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