Monday, May 10, 2010

A2 exam!

As i mentioned before, my final will be around the end of May.
Yet ,Its not just around the corner but its NEAR !!
all of the college mates try thier best revising and i can see thier Hardworking & stressfulness .
There will be lifeless of the month.
As my sociol lecturer said :No facebook , No games, No tv , No msn ..everything No NO NoNo..!
can u imagine what life will be like ?!
But how about me?
Faye-The-Wong (my new nickname recently ) lolx..!
although there will be the lifeless month, but my months still gt a lil bright/colourful can?
i still going on my chilling, movies, gathering, shopping..but much more reduced compare to my colourful life =D at least i`m not alienated with revising and exam..!
beside,i gonna stop posting till June .Once again Sry to the readers
*maybe no more readers * haha..
anyway..LIFE GOES ON ,learn from Leon lim .! stay tunes!
i will miss blogging and uploading pictures !
See yea !muah~


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