Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I should...

Hi to my lovely readers..I should deeply apologise that i just realized i only posted 1 or 2 posts in a month..Its was greatly reduce compare to the previous years..Oh No!
I should post frequently to update here .
I`ve forgone lots of post from Jan till now..Im just busy as a bee by the previous half years.
But recently i`m absolutely free from school`s stuff and i`m living wit an easy mind life.
No stress No worry No nervous No sorrow No anxiety !
Isn`t that great ?!
frankly I started to miss the busy life..few weeks dint write with a pen ,dint touch books or even a sheet of paper ,and all the books had kept aside which a corner out of my sight
and I STARTED to miss the non-stop writing and reading days!
erm..slightly lost but not that lost as what u think..just like everyone having thier own busy life but i`m that free..feels weird !
I just cant imagine how does those housewife have a life like this.!
For me i rather find a job makes myself busy.
I would only really fulfilled my day on the weekends which is Friday Sat and Sun*meeting up the chums ,there will always have ''something for us to do''=P.*
Monday to Thursday would be a mummy`s girl ..
I would just accoumpany my mum wherever she goes.
Thats why I`m a Good Girl vs Rebellion once in a week!
esp: usually went out in the early morning without telling anyone in the haus coz they`re still in thier slumberland.I knew i ought to inform them but i always do so when reached the destination few hours later =S
Besides, the best damn thing to do when u`re holidaying is have a marathon drama from when u awake till u asleep!
I had altered myself to be a night owl, I slept at 3 or 4 morning everynightZzz..
recently I watched english drama like Gossip Girls , American Next Top Models, Asian Drama : 谈情说案,恶作剧之问-the 13th times a.k.a my best drama ever,天国的树,女人我最大 [show],泡沫之夏.I suggests few dramas for u guys to watch its quite famous and interesting.
okay end up of my verbose here.
I will post some important events or some outing post which i feel is a must to share to you guys here..stay tuned for my bro wedding`s post , my 19th birthday post,
Gordon `s post , Grace Wang`s bithday & Issac Chee too.
So, following down here will be post about the celebration of my last day of CAL course by my lovely chums. (12-06-10)
i really have to say a billion thanks to them coz they spent a lots that day becoz of my plans wuahaha..
The path way of the day : Cycling@ shah alam (morning )-->Leon`s crib -->Mid Valley-->Mont Kiara -->The Curve -->Home.
That night was awesome. We went ole ole bali (balinese cruisine) and the Library(bar) for Hoegarrden..
sound familiar ?! rmb my christmas eve post ?!
I had posted before about these place .
Almost half years we dint step in there..
we miss the dishes and the drinks & of course some alcohol beverages for celebration is a must =) with the FIFA world cup match...!
Cheer for that match of the night ..
clapping and shouting with the bar patronages were really fun XD
some pictures here =)

Looks how tempting are the dishes XD

my best beverage.
Yum shing~
spot !Maximillion`s face turn red so fast.
Leon`s too~
luckily that night no police block on the way back by highways...*)
Thats all about .ciao ~
nite. Mr.zhao is calling me to bed !


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