Monday, May 31, 2010

On the way..Future.

The condition of progress.
Library my 2nd home.

31/5/10 ,Monday

Hi readers, do u guys realised its already 31 of May ..last day of the month again..time flies like an aeroplane speed. gonna enter the brand new month of JUNE ..2010 had gone away half year.gosh..i`m super duper looking forward on 11 of june. which is the last paper(econs) of my A2 examination. then i should say Buh-bye to CAL. sound em shek dak suddenly...on the middle of the course i feel like giving up anyway, its not an easy for playful + LazY student like me.!seriously i gt a hardcore time. But I wont give up easily coz of my dad`s who paid Rm 20k plus in it !how can i waste his money like that..besides that i just can said that , i feel so bad if i give up so easily.That not me Faye-the-wong.

Eventually A2 is double hard of As . I forced myself not to out when exam period going on..LoL. i failed XD but It much mroe reduced compare to the previous of ME =S Im here to say a Billion Thanks to my Parents and My bro. who pampered me so much. I`m act like a princess at home. my mum will do everything for me even help me clean up my room. previously they are like nagging me and yelling loudly once they entered my room. XD besides my bro who be my permenate driver who always fetch me from skul and buy anything i wants to. thats` why i said i should say a billion Thank you to them.

whats else?! oh yea..never forget to say Thanks to my best Chums ever. you know who you are =) said sorry to them coz i din meet up them frequently. But i know they will bored without me ,rite ?XD dun worry just for a month i will be free like a bird !promised u guys will out right after the last paper over !hehehe..

After June i plan to work for extra pocket money and try to get some experience since i din even try to work more that one day =D flash back Klcc work which was 3 years ago. just worked for one day.and only get 70 bucks haha...then ta bao already XD lazy fellow !erm..still considering what job to work.promoter sien , office work sien, shopping centre -No! being a pig at home which have salary ?! not that kind lar !hehe..what makes up my mind is depend on the salary can a?! hope so lar..ends up no work LOL

Okie i will stop here .*yet i`m not died of dullness..i try to upload pictures the next day coz i`m in the library now !* sunshine and luck pls continuely supply to me !=)

ciao ppl !take care ,faye wong will be missing u guys ! muacks.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A2 exam!

As i mentioned before, my final will be around the end of May.
Yet ,Its not just around the corner but its NEAR !!
all of the college mates try thier best revising and i can see thier Hardworking & stressfulness .
There will be lifeless of the month.
As my sociol lecturer said :No facebook , No games, No tv , No msn ..everything No NO NoNo..!
can u imagine what life will be like ?!
But how about me?
Faye-The-Wong (my new nickname recently ) lolx..!
although there will be the lifeless month, but my months still gt a lil bright/colourful can?
i still going on my chilling, movies, gathering, shopping..but much more reduced compare to my colourful life =D at least i`m not alienated with revising and exam..!
beside,i gonna stop posting till June .Once again Sry to the readers
*maybe no more readers * haha..
anyway..LIFE GOES ON ,learn from Leon lim .! stay tunes!
i will miss blogging and uploading pictures !
See yea !muah~