Friday, September 10, 2010

Genting 2D1N

11/7/10 - 12/7/10 ,Genting Highland
The day b4 for we head to genting..we was chilling at riverside while watching FIFA world up !
out of sudden ,nico bring up an idea that ''my dad said he have too much genting points ..rooms ,buffet and theme park can use point to exchange !'' then we said ''woah~ wait apa then ?! lets go tmr '' !
so departed on 5 pm ,took about an hour then we went to have dinner buffet there !
Full to the max !a big thank you to nico`s parents !
After dinner ,we plan to have bowling session and starbucks-ing in da first world park so we can spent our time there while waiting for FIFA game to start !i remembered that night was final for *germany vs spain * if im not wrong !hahahha..
we became FIFA fans for a month! watching at mamak stall , bar ,restaurant and our crib..!
almost all the match we watched !LOL
in da end Germany won the 3 places !wakak wakaa-eh eh !*D
we scream like shit !all the supporters in da haus shout so loudly XD
damn gan jiong man !
Bowling session =D
starbucks-ing ! Green tea frap make my day *)
Yea !Game started !we were watching at Club 9 till 4 am !holy mama !
2 buckets of carlsbergs for us !
Gone tipsy after the match ended !
walking back to the genting hotel rooms with a trifle dizzy ! Looks !this kind of facial expression can only be shown
when u are lil unconscious situation LOL

we slept at 6am that night !
all of us sleep soundly like a pig !XD
the next morning ..gonna pack up and check out !
we plan to have our brunch at Chilli @ MV so we get down to KL after check out !
after brunch we head back home accordingly ..we are like dead fish can ?! LOL
anyhow, i love this 2 days 1 night !awesome !
End !

Monday, September 6, 2010

CNY 2010 =D

Is anyone surprised about this? yea! its N-months ago CNY-chinese new year post !i had forgone few posts last few months ..but now imma lil bitchy & itchy =Dso i posted this here !share wit u guys how was my cny :) B4 CNY goes on , all the chinese will clean up their crib and rooms & throw all the useless stuff and decorate all around the crib..!its was an awesome for the family-work together in this time.[so -called bad lucks will washed away]!
Tit-bits , gambling , fire crackers , reunion dinner, trip ,visiting relatives and frens , ang pau (get as much as i could ), new year movies , shoppings...all of these i had done in couple of weeks ! Its really a great time for me to met up all the relatives and friends..!I love CNY !
not to be over verbose since this post should be posted half years ago =P..just scroll down for some pictures *D

waiting to get heated up !*孔明灯*

wish come true !wuahahha..

Firecrakers ! *满地红*
The first day of CNY aka 年初一 =)
dressed up to visit my grandparents and relatives..!
many of them are heading back to their hometown (kampung)
but my kampung still at Seri Kembangan..i have no where to go! LOL
Ah-moi , Aunty Fong, and my elder sis!

me and granny ~

Moi and Peggy (cousin)

me and the cousin bro(s)

Gamble time !*D
for the night session, all the relatives will visit my house ,
usually my house will have house warming too =)
firecrackers time XD im so crazy of this !

end =)

next post coming up !stay tuned =)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


20-may -10 ,Hoi Tian Restaurant @ Equine Park ,Serdang
Yea! hi guys....finally i posted up these event .I had been dragging and dragging this post coz imma lazy to uploading those pictures. I just pick& choose some pictures to share here..Its really a lotsss aka too much to share all (impossible)!
So cut it short , this was my
brother`s big day =D
I had invited my
high school mates (surians ) to attend this simple but memorable dinner ..9 of them are [Nicole ,Leon ,Angie ,Nicholas, Justin,Grace ,Rainey , Issac, and AY choy yee ] !
The dinner started on 8.30 sharp..all the honourable guests had pleased to seat in their own tables according to the numbers stated on the invitation cards. Thanks god ,my
cousin sistass helped out for the guest`s list and also numbering the tables & Ang paos.!
I love u guys..muackx muackx
We invited an
大琴姐 aka person who assist the bride and groom of the whole wedding . erm for the Chinese traditional marital rules and regulation which is quite complicated ,we usually have 大琴姐 to manage it in order to avoid some ''batang ''thingy occur . In the past , Girls /Female will usually get into this job but now Male are increasingly in this field too ,we wanna have some different too ..we specially invited an MALE 大琴姐 in this wedding !~ He named as 五号妈咪 LOL he is fun & responsible..but sometimes quite cheong hei lar XD!
Let the pictures move to explain my words.
五号妈咪 & Faye
The bride aka my Ah-sou =D

The cousin sista gang =)
Thank You so much for helping us out for customer guest`s list in order.
Ah Sou ,Bro and Moi
*congratulation *

Groom and Bride Enter to the hall!

Champagne Ceremony
40 plus tables in da hall.. My dear Babe Gordon!
Spot the 大khem 姐 LOL
The girls
Spot Nicholas khoo * he keep on pouring red wine for me *
a-bang ''u sudah red in colour ,drunk?''
Justin , Grace, Rainey, AY choy yee , Issac

yea i will finish this ..9 pairs of eye were staring at me .!
cant surrender !LOL
The Crazy one Leon Lim and moi~

love this picture.. we Laugh soo naturallyXD
[Angie & Moi]
Bessie Nicole & ah moi ~

Informal cheeseeee ~
That night imma K-Oed !Lol..Nicole also K-Oed ..
she is the one who said loudly ''must make FaYE drunk" hahaha
we drank 5 to 6 bottles of red wine..! i think i had drank 3 out of 6 bottles LOL..
anyway it was fun although suffered the next day..who cares` at least we enjoyed at that moment right ?!lol...
Me, myself enjoyed this dinner tremendously .!I hope they enjoyed too !
not ended yet...the most memorable is that 3 guys Grab ,Push , Huge, drag me to my room hahhahah when i reached home .
while girls who help out to removed my make-up ,had kena punched or slap by me ..IMMA SO SORRY !hahahha..
I had out of concious!=S
The next day they keep complaining to me that their backbone pain and muscle plain XD
hahahha i knew im heavy ..XDhahhaha but U guys are the one who make me drunk ..LOL
Anyway,thanks for attending and left us a memorable night !
ended ~!