Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 18th...=)

25-03-09,shi kian`s crib!
mr.kian vasked me to go his house for steamboat !around 5 reached kian crib after school...then we prepared for our steamboat since his parents and mine parents all oversea!here are the pics..lets view the pic as my explaniation!=)

one by one the guests were arrived..Jin Yi ,Suh,Jun sheng ,Kee Yang,&Kai Tian..
start ''makannnn''..our dinner !i was damn fulled !..but there were still a lot of makanan left..>.< color="#ff0000">of course we cant live without photo session !XD coz we really din meet for a period!especially ah suh..since prom night till now !=)here is his little doggy..named as Daisy !she is really quite lil doggy!

[in the car..bringing her to gai gai ]

around 10.30 pm..i was on the phone ..sudden all the light off ..i was surprise tat they held out a birthday cake for me wit singing birthday songs..i was so touching and nearly cried..haha..really thanks a lot !!

[smile so naturally ! XD]

around 11 back home..reached home..[gee,nico,&mr.nic]came to my crib !they brought me a cake also !lolx..we chat chat chat..wait till 12 am sharp we cut off the cut and singing the birthday songs again ! till 12 plus..they gonna back home..coz me and nic gt class and gee is working also ..!besides i really have to thanks them..nico came from ampang to serdang !i think she will be tiring..lolx..
went to sunway after my class with [Grace,Shook,Justin,Karen,&Gerald]!
reached Sunway around 5..then we headed to Red box straight away..

[dunno wad is happening??haha]

sing for 3 hours plus..i think less ppl sing on weekend..so they gave us extra time..!here are a lot of pics..all of us we singing crazily and even dancing at there..!>.<><
after tis session...part of them back to thier crib coz tmr still having classes..besides thankx to everyone for coming today..love uall a lottsss...they were very tiring esp Grace..lolxtoo bad..Nico and Angie cant make it today..but i understand..is okay !

then..time for yum cha ..!lolx..Mr.gerald fetch us to our ''old place'' 2004..haha..had a drink and supper there..chat till 12..back to crib ''oi oi''toooooo tired...!my day ended..=)
Really had to thanks them [Shi Kian,Choy yee,Shook ,Jin yi,Suh,Grace ,Justin ,Karen ,Boo,Gee,Nico,Nic]a lot..which make my birthday so memorable & fun.& also messages wishing..!
*to be continue !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taylors orientation!

23-03-09 ,TUCM
First day of college!!woke up on 6.00am..!my van reached on 6.30..reached taylor around 7.30!i was so sleepy..>.Grace and Set at Asian Cafe !after we ate our breakfast then we enter our campus..my feeling was like..very strange!but i feel excited as well...i wonder how is the style of studying in college !Tis Campus really unfamiliar to me !Had a talk inside the Mph for two hours..then informed to enter our class!i have to use the map given to me to search my class room up and down !btw..those frens were very friendly and polite !i`m happy to know them too !i have to Thanks Set wern coz she really help us alot..she bring us to Mph ,show us the class,library,around the campus& the importants.....
till today the second day of school..i still insomnia ..i wonder y !!haih..any way can make me to sleep well?..lolx..luckily shook same class and subject with me..so tat i wont feel bored and alone !Jux the 2nd day of school..i had to started my class..first subject economics..then Law...then thinking skills ..today missed out Socialogy coz i replaced by library and Ict (the web)briefing!but we still meet up the lecturer ..in my first impression..she is a serious teacher!and she said tat socialogy is a very very tough subject !Dun play play !!god..i was like ..>.<'' frightened !
all the lecturer were reminding us tat..u have to serious and pay attention !we are rushing our syllabus..June had exam for 1st semester !T.T..
today evening..my dad phoned me !he ask..how is ur school day..??coz i din meet him at all after my school started..!once he back home i already slept !no chance..i feel like funny..father-daughter communicate like tis !wakak...besides..my mum and sis had when for a 5D4N trip to thailand..i`m alone and bored at home after skul..bro and dad usually late home...god...i`m gonna mad soon..!
*i will be seldom post my blog and online nowadys...coz i was tired and busy on some coll stuff..sry..!take care everyone !

Friday, March 20, 2009

Last week of long term holidays...

Sry for abandoned my blog for so long..
coz i was quite busy wit my stuff..!act i had a few post to post !but nw i make it into one !easy and fast ..hehe..
finally my holiday ended fulfiled and realloy enjoyable !=)
NS dude(kian tact,leon ,jin fai )..all the best to u all !i really miss u guys a lot !i miss the laughther !!T.T'' enjoy the camp !!
Babe Gordan !....which is my nephew !he had backed to Uk wit my sis,bro in law !!two months time really ended so rapid..!jux like dreaming !!i miss babe a lotttt.....
my house sound so quite now !>.<'' i miss the babe smell also !i miss his lil cute face ,his funny movement ,his sounds!!!babe gordan ..we meet again next year o !take care !
Ah Mei Star Tour concert !!!i told u guys..i never ever watch a concert which so fucking high !u know wad..she sang for 3 hours and she had a big band musician which very professional from Taiwan,Singapore&Malaysia..and she had around 20+ dancers !the design of stage and backdrop was so decorative! she sang around 38 songs for us !all the ppl inside the bukit Jalil dorm was standing up shaking and waving thier hands and sing together !our expression makes her felt touched and she cried !she really a professional singer !!really worth to attend her concert !i`m waiting her next concert in Malaysia!haha...beside i woud like to thanks my Aunty May for treating us tis concert !=)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Farewell !(18-03-09)

went to Sunway to farewell for Leon ..coz he is going to NS tmr..!!
leon and nico reached there early so they went it for ice skating..Nic,Gee,&me reach on 12 plus!so we shopped for an hour by waiting them out from the skating !i brought a water bottle and nail seal !we meet up Mr.nabi also !he was going to lagoon!cope wit them then we headed to Kim Gary!eat our lunch !!next we shop for a while then Leon decided to have our dinner around some where in Port Klang !i forgotten the restaurant name !Too bad tat Gee have to back home earlier coz her mum birthday today !after sended her back to her crib then we start our journey !
we used LDP highway to move on !but nic said he can use the new highway which also can go through LDP !and he show me the way to Taylors(subang)by using tis highway !thx to him !=)so Leon and us used different way !we went wrong way makes Leon them wait us for half an hours !haha..sry !finally we meet up !
Nic was racing wit one of the sport car which named Nissan Sylvia(i think it spell like tis )[RX-8 Vs Sylvia]haha..wow..so damn high man !!our speech was 160plus !finally we won !i think those driver driving on the highway too ,they will keep scolding us !!lolx..we were from the 3rd link to the 1st link!then...1st to 3rd !repeating cutting them !so sry !haha...
we reach Port klang jus nid 30 mins !>.<
once we sat down we ordered our dishes !crab(sour&sweet)wit buns,crab wit noodles,frien oyster,salt chicken ,&something like wine but added coconut drinks..taste so gud !!enjoyed seafood meal a lot !four of us damn fulled !and is worth..jus nid Rm115!
when back ..Rx-8 speech up again !180mph!!wow...haha...i was like *screaming *haha..!summore the car sticked ''P''= Professional !back to serdang from Port klang jux nid 20 mins...!>.<''haha...fetch G headed to Gasonline..!
chat..but..nico started dropping her tears..!T.T...jus around an hours we leaved !get a hug wit Leon and say GOOD BYE !!my eye-moisted !!T.T..i miss u !!TAke CAre LeON !=)
tmr i`m going to send them at Kajang station !!so stopped my post till here..!bye..!nitex!!everyone..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gaga`s day !XD

went Pavilion today !(17-03-09)
with Gaga Gang..(Grace ,Faye,Kent)...

headed to Dragon-I for lunch..they were cried out ''starving ''along the way !after meal..then we went for shopping..!first we went to Roxy..i brought a bag which get 20% less !love it !!hehe..
[he look so funny,jux like lil kids]XD

then we when to sg.wang !''kelian''Mr.Gaga carried his lappy for whole day !Ms.Gaga 1(Grace )she said tat she wanan buy pencil case !me too!she brought me one !thx a lot !=)i will using all these things for college !=)

then we went back to Pav ,Starbucks !i promised kent tat he bring his laptop i will sing song at there loudly !haha....erm..i did it for a while..coz i feel shamed !!lots of ppl there..!blek!then its the time for us to camwholed...here are we !

after starbucks..kelly asked us to have lunch wit her while she had an hour break !so we went Pastamania !

then we went to some shop !we brought some glow sticks..i`m still wearing till now !Thx Kent for the glow stick and the ride !u r a super dude Gaga[k]...XD...

nitex every one !!stay tunned for next pose!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A-Mei Star Tour Concert In Malaysia `09

20-03-09 [A-mei Star Tour Concert live in Malaysia `09]

wow..i`m going to attend tis concert on tis day !!haha..i`m so hectic man...!

although i brought rm 88 only which on the up hill there..lolx..but i feel tat HIGH u know!!!i`m going wit my sis and my aunty !act i give up tis concert already.. coz no one around me wanan watch tis concert !so ..fine..but then my sis said she wanan buy but too late..there are no more other price which i`m affortable..!so..88 is the best for me! she is the best singer among in Taiwan !she is one of my idol too !everytime i went to K-room..i`m sure tat her song was always selected by me !!
i`m waiting u A-mei !

Registered !!

today..14-03-09...i was slightly different in my life !my tertiary study gonna start on 23 march !i had registered for A-level at Taylors...besides..the fees was quite unreasonable !=.=''but those lecturer and stuff was very polite and friendly !good job!=)
i miss my holiday..my long term holiday i going to ended soon...oh..

after shook done her registeration too...we cope with Grace and Justin !headed to Mv again !first station..Zenmai Sushi..wow..thier Temaki Unagi was Ichiban !!lovely !haha...

then accompany Justin to the exhibition hall for Education fair !then shops around the MV!lolx..i brought a Tee from Zara..!one of sudden ..we meet Mun &JF too !6.30 headed to speedy to Que for the Jolin Album released today![An order from MUN]=.=..
Next we headed to Alexis..!had our night dinner !i ordered chicken escalope& hot chocolate..!nice..

these pics..are b4 we eat our dishes...we were so tiring & starving..

after tat ..gained energy..i started making fool on those spects!lolx..
and this guy joined me !XD

[ oh..is too hotttt!! ]



[ended pose]
after dinner we went back home..thx Justin for the ride !=)

reached home not even 10 mins..gonna go my granny house..today gonna had party farewell for my sis going back to UK ,cousin bro going NS,&lil cousin bro buffday !wow..i`m fucking tired and spiritless..!sleepy..