Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tagged !

Tagged by Kelly ...
Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

1)What is your name? Faye
2)A four letter word: Food
3)A boy's name : Fly Loo
4)A girl's name : Felicia
5)An occupation : Fireman
6)A color : Flying colour of rainbow !=P
7)Something you wear :
8)A type of food : Feraro Roche
9)Something found in the bathroom : Fragrance
10)A place :
Fish pond
11)A reason for being late :
Feeding my doggy !
12)Something you shout : F**k off
13)A movie title :
14)Something you drink : Fruit Juice
15)A musical group : F.I.R
16)A street name : Federal street
17)A type of car : Fairlady
18)A song title : Feedback
19)A verb :Feeling Awesome
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Miss steph
Leng kiat

Is tat satisfied?!

Went Taylor`s college last saturday !
my dad sudden wake me up!say tat there are open day for Taylor again !Well..i know i cant hide the problem i was worried for a few months ago!okay ..prepared and then have a breakfast wit my parents..then send my mum house coz she was busying on her stuff !one in sudden ,reminded me that ..oh ya..shook was interested wit studying too!so i called her up !she was still on the bed !haha..
pick up her from her house then headed to the college!on the way along..there are so JAm !!Subang Memang familiar wit Jaming !gosshh..
Firstly,meet up Mr.Joseph which is lecturer of Law,followed Mr.Wong,lecturer of A level,& Mr.unknown ,lecturer of SAm sry i had forgotten ur name !
my dad was the most interested on tat day ..among two of us!XD
three lecturer had a gud explaination &introduction of those course!thanks a lot !
cut it short ,on the way back dad excited keep on persueding us to take Law..have some jokes wit him..=)
i know tat i had to take decison by tis week !no more hiding myself and giving any excuses !there are two roads in my life :business or Law...
if i were taking Law ..i have to study for 5year ! 1.5 years for A-level,2(TAylors)+1(england) on the course..9 months chambering..!DONE.!
some relative around me asked me ..''u can or not o ??''
frankly ..i dunno how to answer u !as long as i try my best towards it !tat`s all !dun ever ask me ''can or not''!!
on othersides.,there are some..can say as ''benefit'' dad said tat he wil gain my pocket money ,brought me new lappy,and even he will say ''yes''easily for some requires i asked..!
anyhow..i will comfirming my decision by tis following weekend and register !stay tunned for my decision!maybe i will held out a surprise??or nothing !=)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Girls`s hang out day !=)[20-02-09]

Hang out day on 22-02-09 !Pavilion [my third crib]=)

when i woke up on 12+ i saw my phone had a msg !is from Shook !said tat tmr plan is ''ON"!but i had to rush for my meal to meet shook on 2 !so sry tat i late for 15 mins..!then we heaeded to Pavilion !Had a walk there and brought some stuff i want !then when to Dain Tin Hill !waiting Sm to meet up !sat there for one hours plus then we leaved !when to have our pretty browsing around !next session again ! how can we dun take a shot whenever we out, rite?! in thier W.C!heckkk~

[Lan si-ing]Joking..(dun punch me!)

[circular spect at forever 21!XD]

next we went to to have neoprint !on the way walk through to Lot 10, we saw a frens which N year ago we din meet since after SPM!she is Ms.Penny lim..she works there..then we was gabbing there around half an hours..!we are so verbose!XD

she really changed a lot !so on..we took
our shoots in !flash back my mind tat when i was schooling ,i love to take shoots wit frens with neoprint !memorable lar...=(look at my already 8 !Sm was shout out tat she was starving..!haha..coz she din eat anything when she was waken !i will gone faint if i`m her..!then we went to Ts...headed to SUSHI King !she was definitely athrist for food !haha..then is time to back !


reached Sm house on 10 plus..she called kit siang,Mr.Q,and kian yap for mahjong !i had attended a class for mahjong !!tutor by MR.kit siang & Sm !back to crib on 12 !

*besides tat, i heard tat Kelly had admited to hospital !hope she get well soon !stay healthy &pretty !
Bye !nitex peoples !

Friday, February 20, 2009


溢满半空的气味 记起你
乍短的偶遇 长久的隔开
双方似并行直线 从角叉角度相遇
但怕要呼吸那份 陌生味
乍短的偶遇 长久的隔开
双方似并行直线 从角叉角度相遇
有想过 重遇应该不错却清楚 就算再遇却怎么 时地已过
双方似并行直线 从交叉角度相遇
终於会越行越远 时机走过勒不住
once i heard tis song,i started to fall on those lyrics..!love it so much !
although tis song is slightly outed !when u all are having spare time ,u should try tis song !=)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HaPPy Valentine !!<3

Happy Valentine People !=)
wanna know about my day on tis ?jux scoll down here..
actually i had a pretty nice plan on tis day !bt..i din use tis plan coz of some reason !but nevermind...the plan will continue next OUT!

Tis year valentine i`m gonna celebrate wit frens again !fortunately i`m not alone !=)followed up next plan wit [Shook ,Sm,Mr.chick,Mr.QMr.justin,Mr.kian yap]
when to Leisure have a pretty tea-time !chewing ppl`s business like no one there !we meet many Surians there!then headed back to sm`s crib again !she was busying wit her ''project ''lolx..!nothing special for us..having joke around &shotting !tat`s it !here r some pic..Justin Chong are the main starring of the day !

[Look!how crazy is he??gonna wash my eyes ]

[two dude gone insane !]=)

[really laugh my ass off]XD

[childhood gang here]

[Mr.kian yap !he was acting cute ]XD


[Tis is the first pic i take wit him as ''ji mui'' so long !but Blurrred..]=.=''

after we went out to have our dinner ,we return back to sm up JF!He jux OFF from his job !12.30 am we went wong kok again !To celebrate JF`s birthday !Btw ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY"to Kai lou[chick zai] !
*after today i wont go leisure for a month i think !haha..!

besides tat ..yesterday i went wedding dinner at KL area !Mr.FAtt gor & his loving once marrige ceremony !Congratulation to them !the bride was so gorgeous!! she really a 2009`s bride !she doesn`t wear on bridal grown ..she wear on a sharp blinggy black tube wit a high heel boots !can u imagine how glossy is she??=)moreover she was a part time singer too!she sang well !
*sry for late post !feel lazyyyyyy tis week !=)
thx for viewing !