Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Draggy life !!

14-oct-08,boring day !
today is really draggy me...a whole day !..many of my frens are absent in school..my class is quite many of number ..around 20 person..but for charity class...there are jux two of them !god ~haha..break the record of attendents..!better whole class absent ba..really gt team work !!in the morning is still okie..chat along the day ..nothing special ..once after lunch..all my blood is sum up in my centre of my brain..lolx..working on !digestion process..hormone secretes too much really makes me feel damn sleepy..especially on sci @ PD period >.<''i gonna slam myself down the table...!cut it short...next tuesday..i will think properly tat should i present to school again !!lolx..

regrading my family..
sigh..my daddy and bro are out station haven back yet...jux left me and my mummy in the house doing nothing !!=.=''once my mum goes out ..i left alone !!no one talks to me..!bored .i really dun like to stay at home..!in home..my best frens is jux my pc and Tv..!i`m waiting for my license and pratices my driving skill!haha..gonna started to do my revision le...spm is left 28 days...everyone should start le i feel !is the last and tis is the golden time for us to head to the success..!!i`m not dropping much today..!stay turned !bye...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mission completed !!

13-oct-08,sunny+raining day..
i`ve done my mission~haha..today is the day for me to take my driving test !..today all the things really gone smooth as my imaginative..8.30 reached surfine hitech,hulu langat !after finished hearing my instructor explain those importance...then prepared myself to get ready get call-up my name..then i meet up kelly..she is same colour of group with me..[yellow]..but i`m no.21 and she is no.46 !jux report myself ..after around 15 minutes..the instructor called my name !!god!!so fast i`m gonna take the test!!i`m going to test on the road first !!argg..nervous..!!
on the way..the car went so smooth along..but when i get turn around the field to back to there starting point..my car sudden OFF while waiting the traffic light!!wow..scare die me..luckily the instructor din scold !!hehex..

three point turn !!

waiting for bukit test !!

next on is bukit test !!

today i`m really a lucky coz..i used to up the bukit for two times..first i feel so nervous and panic !the car dint touch the yellow pass line..!i shout out ''SHIT" then i roll down the car again..and start to move up the bukit again !!YES !it touched and is so perfect !XD..next on parking and three point turn are not a problemfor me !!i passed all the session !!hurray ~immediately spread my good news to my mum..and sms to my frens!!hehex...i gonna fainted...flying up the sky!!no more pressure on driving le!!my mission is completed !!XD

after the test ..i and a few calon is going back le..i called my uncle drop me off on jusco to meet up kelly and ah bea to get celebrate ..haha..
decided to sing k but the rooms are all occupied !so we headed to leisure mall ''neway''...i had a long period of time din sing song le...today i sang till broken up my voice ...lolx..i sang for 4 hours !!3 to 7 evening !but kelly jux sang till around 5 and she gonna back home le!!i finish up al her FIR songs by my own !!god ~my voice turn down a lot !haha..
me and bea !~
reflection of the mirror~snap!!
then it jux leave me and bea ..we heaed to ''wong kok'' to get our dinner !we chit-chat along til9 ..and heaed to popular to exploring some goods !around 9.30 back home lu..really tiring me..i gonna fall a sleep on the taxi !!haha...
tmr i going to skul ...but many of my buddy not attend to classes..so i think tmr might be quite bored!nvm lar..really miss skul and frens..!gonna sleep lu ..stay turned yar!

i`m a nervous addict !

12-oct-08,heavy rain...
today i wake up on 12.30...prepared for going out on family day !..
my dad was already in the car ..i`m the last person who on board !my mum started yelling on my dad..regarding those relatives problem !!...two of them started argueing and fighting on !OMG ~wad can i do ??i jux shout out loud and trying to stop them !!at last i cried !
finally argueing stop ...i walk into house..!''no eye to see''..i`m scared !first time see my parent argueing like tis on some stupid problem!!no one can help me !my bro had gone to outstation!!sigh...no happy family day for me today !!T.T''whole day stay at home doing nothing jux stick my eyes on the tv screen !bored!~...

next on..tmr i`m not going to skul again !but i`m not skipping classes for lepak lar!! i`m having a driving test tmr!god~im so nervous of it..7.30 a.m have to go surfine wor...arg...i`m scare !few session to test ![bukit,3 point turn,parking and on the road]...learn for 12 hours on it ..hope tat tmr the word ''passed''may comes to me !!i got pressure on those non-sense by those bitches [aunties]...dunno y i care so much of those nonsense!in positively..maybe those nonsense may give out a kinetic energy to me and i get to prove it to them..!!maybe i have to think like tis !luckily tmr kelly is going to take tis test together wit me ..if not i..will turn as a stone..!alone the whole day !hope tmr our test will gone smooth till the end !GAMBATEH !
thx for the wishing from my frens!i will prove it !i have to be tranquil !!
get me some inspiration yea~

stay turn for my news tmr !!bye

Friday, October 10, 2008

secret guilty deeds~!

10-oct-08,hot sunny day

When u done something wrong tat hurts someone badly..u will never get fully forgiveness from ppl !!ur image and trustfulness will broke down !..although they accept ur apologised but..there are a gap in between u and them!i`m here to say sorry to them tat hurted! excuse me..of my childish characteristic and those behavier...

message above is regarding to my lower senior life which was N years ago..argueing..fighthing..betrayed..those childish behavier.!now..i`m a upper senior gal tat feel so guilty-ridden to my friends..!

tis two months..me and my frens are gossipping our schooling life since we meet up !memories which have happiness and sadness!the memories of fooling around..skipping classes..breaking the rule and regulation..argueing..hang-outing..those are really memorable!
one day ..i recieved a long msg tat wrote in chinese !when i read up..my tears is rolling in my eyes..tat feeling is hard to say out by words!
its really touched me and i feel guilty tat doing something wrong with unreasonable!after tat msg ..i replied back !i hope tat our relationship will last as long as we are still alive!i will appreciated to get know all of my frens tat around me !=)
show u some felicitous pic and news!read down yea~
i went one day trip wit my family and relatives on labour day (1-may-08)
it is so much of fun...
those car follwing is my gang of relatives.. sanddy beach
i love the beach soo much ~ we are catching crabby..

its look so calm and relax..

then we went to pig farm..actually tis farm are not open to outsides ...but tis is my uncle`s friend farm..so we may proceed into it !!haha..really a gud experince...!!so cutie those piggy..!!

here are my mum ,uncle,and my sis..!do my sis look like me?haha
PS:/i cant post too much of piggy photo ...coz..of..haha..

stay yar...bye!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holiday ends!!T.T

5-oct-08....raining day!
today is the last day for holiday le...arghh~my whole week holiday passed so fast !T.t..i`m so lazy so prepare for tmr lar...!!sigh...have to early wake up again...lolx..tmr i will have the die face again !XD..and i din even do any revison in tis sweet holiday !especially my maths work !!god..have to held up to mr.mice!!BORED !end up those bored news!turn on yesterday news yea...
yesterday i hang out to bangsar wit [grace,jaynes,and peggy(cousin)]....we had plan tis itinerary for before holiday !!finally tis day came..=)
tis is the first time i hang out wit them ..i reached bangsar village around 1.30 noon..first time being there..then meet grace and jaynes at Devi`s corner !then we start to explore le !~haha...climbing up and down the stairs to search for ...really tiring...trying on and off ...really tiring !!

we shop till around 3 + but i haven even brought anything !!then we headed to Alexis ..there are crowded too !!there are full of wine bottles places on the wall !!quite unic~chit-chatting around ...all the laugh spreading out loudly ..hehex..!!
woo~fries!!i`m going to eat u !!

after the break then we headed to mid valley again !!do u all know y i use the words ''again ''?!coz i have been mid for four times in A WEEK !speechless...!!haha..all those promoter already recognise me well esp in Zara shop ..i will stopped to mid for a month !!lolx..then we walk ..walk...we went to garden too !headed to the japan shop at the ground floor of garden !we decided to buy ice-cream from tat shop !tis product is from japan ...is it..deliciouse ~~hmm...although we feel cold and shievering but we still enjoy it much !~

i`m so excited today !hang out wit grace @jaynes,i had learn more from them ...such as latest fashion trend..food...cosmetic..those...!although i din brought any stuff but i`m really happy for tis day !call me up next time yar..=) thx to peggy for accompany me too!
around 7 i gonna go back le !!i dated gee and issac to jusco for dinner and yam cha !we went greenlight again ...feel so hungry when i reached there..haha..around 10 i went to my grandpa house le..12.30 only back home !really a tiring days..

school started tmr again le !gonna sleep now !see yar..!bye ~

Thursday, October 2, 2008

miss u !!

today is the first day of oct le..the time ran so fast...i have start catch up again..after trial exam i had set myself as relax and steady condition .!but after tis sweet holiday ..i gonna catch up again ..study ...study...study..for tis few weeks...!!the REAL spm is jux over the corner le...gonna reach tim..fight for tis few week..then i will be SET FREE !!haha...

today i wake up on 1 pm..cooking my breakfast by my own...(maggi mee)again..all my parent are gone and busy wit the stuff...it jux left me alone at home..act i wanan go out too..but have to save money to buy some stuff..!so...jux be a good gal at home lar today !=)then i watched ten episod of the moonlight resonance....wao..really blur..even i din change my sleeping dress till the night !!haha..

around 9 something i gonna attend a funeral !my aunt is passed away !she got breast cancer ...!sigh...i wonder y breast cancer will kill ppl !i tot i jux cut it off it will cure !who know's...?!but it also last for a few years le...chemotherapthy also no use on it !aunt ....we will miss u forever and hope u will peace in the other world ...cousin ..cheer up ..!!

tmr morning around 9 i gonna send my aunt to other places le!!gonna say BYE forever !!T.T..stay happy and peacefully !!now is already 2.49 am!i gonna sleep le...feel a bit dizzy !!gudnitex..pal!

Badminton !


tis day i went badminton wit some of my peers...nothing speecial ..we reach there around 3 then play till 5 something ..!em..dunno y today i`m not really interested and not fully focus in it !maybe i had a driving lesson b4 that it makes me feel tired wake up a bit early..

after badminton..i went jusco for our lunch at OLD TOWN !i`m starving along...then we decided to go yam cha again in Greenlight ..jux beside my tuition centre! at there we sit about few hours ..lolx..spreading along all those latest news..!XD ..today i had a such free day..coz my mum@ bro not at home ...so if i went back home also will be alone..so wad..hang out the day ..

then ..next place is pasar malam...at taman U !nothing much there ..i feel monday , pasar malam at serdang are more crowded ...and more stalls..we stay not long at there..jux around half an hours...we went back home lu !when i reach home..my mum is still not at home..boring..no one`s talk to me..=.=''..the whole journey ..MR.kian fetching us..thx you !i`m safe ..and i had insured ..so i`m not scare of his driving skill...haha..jk lar..!