Thursday, April 17, 2008

welcome back to M`sia sis...

yea~wad a great day sis back to m`sia lu...
miss u so much sis~& welcome home ya=)
14 of april ...
after skul i rushed to home and prepared myself and helping my mum to finish up her stuff then we are going to KLIA...we are accompany wit my bro ,aunty and my cousin sis bro fetch us go there...
wow gonna be late !coz her flight was on 5.30 pm..but we are still around somewhere at serdang ...lolx...flying on the way there ...we reach there about 6 something~omg^^fortunately my sis , haven come out from the duty shop ....if not ..we are late!!kakaz...
Having dinner ...
after on the way back from KLIA...we go ahead one of my mum`s frens restaurants near my house !long time din go there le ..quite miss their famous dishes...Yummy~my saliva is flowing out...all of us are very very damn fulled and is it billed by my aunt ~wow...thx ya...
Back to home..
then we back home....yeah~tis is the time to share our bro and i are grabbing around the mobile phone !haha..he lose to me !i gt sony k800i...blek^^he grabbed the samsung dunno name wad model!=D
and lots of chocolates tat brought by my sis !wow...deliciouse ~oh..gonna fat few inches again !!lol..thank kew !!
my sis suddenly knocks my door on around 1.00 am midnight ...i haven sleep yet ^^she say come to my room and see my stuff ??then i say okay !!she show my all her stuff (shirt shoe skirt pants acessorises bags)...jux like having a fashion show !!haha...then we chat all day long till 3 am ..i really tak boleh tahan liao so i went to sleep !!i wake up at 6.15 am to prepare and went to skul !my face like ''die dog face''...die har die har like tat !!haha ..i`m not enough sleep @ feel so tired !!
sick @#$%^&*
when after lunch at skul ..oh my guash!!i feel headAche and start fever !!=( suffering for it !make me cant concentrate in my study especially when in the sci laboratory ~gonna say sry to mr.chin!i din even do my experiment !then after sci i went to have a sleep in class (after took one tablet of panadol)...suckx..I hated PANADOL !make me feel more dizzing !after back to home and took my lovely bath ..i went to see doctor!!i first time meet a doctor so friendly @talkactive !!haha..
inmy first impression ,he look like a malay guy !but he is mixed !his name is called Libson tong !he dunno any chinese we are using english !he is quite funny doctor !!haha ...jux like know u many many years ago !!lolx...gonna say NIce to meet U !!haha...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today really ia a great day for me and frens !lolx...coz today we went for a trip to KLCC Art Gallery !=)besides,today is my fren`s birthday !who is Ah suh ...Happy Buffday ya !
we start our trip around 9.00 morning by sitting our skul bus !on the way to KLCC...we sang a song to the buffday star and then we took photo together all the way long !!the bus was fulled of our gang sound !!haha..sry for others!!
Then we reached KLCC within one hour^^we staringht away folow mr.yueng and the art teacher to the art gallery !then the officer welcome us and introduce to us about the presentation there !every art at the gallery really very special and nice (but some of them i really dunno wat is it mean )hehex...after we spend about two hours at there we decided to leave !the next station we went to petrosains....
Not every student going in to the petrosain !coz some of them wanna walk there own by getting free from teachers and grouping !so..only my gang got in there ! we around 13+3(other classeswhich i dunno de)ppl!Rm 5.90 per student..isn`t vary and reasonable !!haha...
Before we getting in to the exhibition hall ,we gonna get into something like space car like tat de material fetch us along!haha....inside there really is a big big hall to present all the useful object tat quite funny !!in my mind gt two machine tat i really aren`t forget !!which is something like rocket and bringing us to the space !haha...inside there feel cool when huge wind blow in frm the ground !skirt also will fly out !!=.=''another is the elephants...we can use the elephant trunks to talk through it and it can be heard by the other elephant trunk tat ur frens was holding !!i played tis wit kit wah !!haha
really very damn funny at first i dunno was is it ^^...
Around 12 something we were start moving out to other hall...we sat the helicopter as our vehicle to our destination (tat`s fake la bt it really can move in the same place)!!haha..i as a captain to take off tis things...haha...i bring them to visit my house which is surrounded by the sea !tat is the machine tat collecting the petrol(dunno wad it is call )^^
Then we went for the 3D move !!about the dinosour...nothing special for me !!rm 2 per entrance.....after watching it ..we were rushing our time to get out from the petrosain coz it was over time to us !!and we haven eat our BREAKFAST !!lolx...all of us are starving there..
then we rushed to the A&W for our breakfast with taking away to the bus !!haha....then we start to back to skul lu ~
nice and rush trip !!haha...memorable day !...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Daddy....hope u get well soon !!..we are worrying about u !!we will support u when u are sick @always on ur side !love u so much !
#here first thing to say is ...i wanna apologised to my (dad)...
last saturday i was hang out wit my frens to pavillion !i wonder y no ppl tell me tat u are sick and headed into hospital !=(..i really very feel sorry to u coz i really dunno u at hospital and i`m still enjoying wit my frens !...
my dad is becoz of high blood pressure (220 rates )damn high !!it will burst if late to hosp...he stay in SJMC(Subang Jaya Medical Centre )and he had a full body chech wit MRI ...
#yesterday the report only came out ! say tat my dad had a sick of growing ''bone ''chi on his backbone!my mum thank to god tat the sick tat my dad had was not very seriously!!phew~the doctor say to cure tis sick gt two way one is wit medicine and another ways is goanna had a small surgery !my dad decided to take medicine coz although the surgery juz a small case but anyhow is also have risk ...
#i feel very guilty on myself !!as a daughter ..nothing i can help for it juz at there looking at my dad suffering on it !haiz....unuseful at all ~
After happening tis ..i only know tat members are very important in the life !so from now onwards..i will take care every members and appreciate wad i have now !never being regret after something happen ! cry and apologised also no use !!i have learn a lesson !really ~

*anyone who view tis post ,i hope tat u all will learn and understand wad i say and treat ur family member better from now on!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

the most bored hanging out day !

today (5 of april) ,is a very very very damn day for me !!u know y ??let me tell u now !.....
actually today was in the condition of gud mood in the early morning ...7 morning wake up and get prepare and then follow my bro go out ''smooth road ''fetch me to angie`s house !after reach her house wait for her get set up then we went to morning pasar wit breakfast @ get gather wit JY ,ISSAC,AH SUH!!all reached ...we sit bus to times square !
we use one hour to reach there !!but the time is juz rushed up ! we straight away go to Neway tat we already booked on 11 !one by one follow up reach the k room ! sang happily !=D
the bored feelings get started !!after sang we decided when to watch movie !actually i hope to watch the SHUTTER but no one dar to watch wit me !! haha...we from ts we go pavillion to search for the movie !!unfortunately ,no more ticket for us for the movie of (L change the world )..then me angie leon suggested better we go to window shopping !!then three of us when for shopping !we separate wit the big gang le !others i dunno wad are they planning too ! so we go our own !coz too big gang have many suggestion so we leave it !
after tat we go to wong kok restaurant and we meet wai weng ,siew mun and kian tact ! we get some chat and having our lunch there ! then they say wanna go back to ts buy movie ticket !so we 55 go back to ts lo ! wad the f**k ~no more ticket again for the movie !then go play bowling !after tat ...some of them started to go back home on 5 pm!then only left me angie and wai weng ! others gtg !then we nothing to do we wanna join back jy`s gang ! since tat day is her buffday so better go meet them lo!but they all are still in pavilion !!we wait them to come to ts ! we waited for one and the half hour and then they appeared !all of them geh face also showed the word NOT SONG ...
so i`m the first person to go and ask wad is it happen !i ask shi kian first !he shoot me and say y go ts dun tell them (wit a bit anger )!then i explained to him !i@ him got a very small arguement ! say till half i cried ! then we stopped ! the suddenly jy cry again ! i duno wanna how to explain to them !god bless me ! then jy say wit anger ..*if u are the one of today buffday how u will feel when ur frens ''throw '' u away *!! curiously i say ! wad we 'throw u away from us ''??i ask back her do u know how big gang are we ! how can we walk wit so much of ppls ! she gt her gang we gt my gang !i`m not saying about we are not frens wit u ! but normally she join ah shok there de ma ! do i wrong ??!if i really ''throw ''u away from us i also wont waited u all for one hour and 1/2 hour la !! back home more gud ...why i wanna waste one hour more...the point is to gather and continue our joy...after cooled down ! we decided to went to Calabia to have our dinner at there !finally our smile and laugh sound spread every where again !specially thx to weng xiu ...lolz..
  • the story above is already over so dun put in mind !
  • after argue jux forget it and dun save in ur heart and mind !
  • ''left ear in right ear out ''!!
  • friendship will never break !
after home ...still gt something happen on me! wanna know please ask me personally or send email to me !

Friday, April 4, 2008


wad a moody skul!
today feel very moody in the class !!dunno y ??i think is b`coz of changing the new sitting ,being a treasurer wit stress,and maybe is the high pitch sound of my teacher !!
*sudden change place sitting !
haiz...gonna say GOODBYE to Jude le !sitting wit her really very funny and damn sot everyday !but now din have tis opportunities anymore !!=(
we cant turn back to chat wit cheng ann @luan shen le (always chatting nonsense )haha..!but anywhere we are still in the same class,juz far apart only !lolz...^^
fortunately now i sit wit ah suh !she is the one i know since we are kindies...10 years friendship !!really gt yun fen on us !! she see till me in a bad mood she also dun mind and she still care for me o !but i treat her not very gud !i always ''deng''her when she is saying something !!haha..sry ah suh !forgive me coz of my emotional sick !!i think u will learn being patient on me coz i always disturb u !!lolz...
*being a treasurer in class
really gt a bit regret to being a treasurer in my class ...haiz..always need to collecting money ..can see cant use !hehex..pity of me !!the boys always dun give me the money on the time !always forced me to shout out and chasing them to give me $$$...huiyoo...tired !!i`m not ah long ah !! co-operate a bit la pls,....TQ
*high pitch sound tat my teachers have...
i really damn hate tis !!so noisy la !i wonder y teachers gt so high pitch geh sound ah ??higher than many singers....makes me feel annoying and breaking my ears drum !i think i gonna deaf when i`m 18..yiew~
STFU la (in my class geh student will know wad is it means )!haha...ShhH ..silent please !
when is the time for GKK...(raining day so stay at class)
when GKK time ,i laugh till wanna cramp my stomach jor !haha...i`m siting together wit jin fai ,ann gee, kor shin ,kian tact ,and siew mun ...
we are too free tat we played a game !we played ''ta-ta lit tam-bong ''!who lose then gonna smell (someone`s coat )...oh my god ! quite smelly de !! u wanna know who lose ??of course not me ...he is Lee Kian Tact !congratulation to him !haha...he was being locked up by my job is to place the coat on his face !haha...after he had a hard smell ..then we ask wad is the smell ??isn`t gt a bit kam kam bitter bitter sweet sweet smell ??haha...he say he cant say out wad is it smell !!haha ..jux "smell very GuD"!=D

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the month of march^^

although now is already the starting of April ~but i wanna share about wad i have done in last month (March).i feel the month of march is the month tat i din ever have a any little space to rest and relax myself !in my schedule is FULLED of the space !
1)training in school
b4 the our skul volleyball tournament ,we trained for two weeks !every morning 8.30 to 10.30 for training !after tat continue studying in class..BORED& SLEEPY~even when skul holiday in march we also went back to skul and trained!but i curi curi go two days private holiday at Thailand wit my cousin !here have to apologised to my frens !!=) sorry ya..forgive me ^^lolz..
2)Stay back after skul
After skul stay back again(sometimes) !trained again ~then we whole gang when to have some meal and back home !here we faced $$ problem !bus ,taxi,meals and else use off all pocket money !Oh my god ~think back also sam tong !haha...
3)skul volleyball tournament
our tournament starts at 25 of march !wow~tat day really a great day !very enjoyable ...we laugh @cry when won the game at first then cry again when we lose !we are in the position of quarter final ...but at least we enjoy it !my capten (JY) cry sadly after we lose !lolz..she say ''tis is the last year we can play the competition le ''....(em seahh dak)..anyway ..we must thank the supporter tat day like yu hua gang!
4)My buffday
26 of march is my buffday...although tis year geh buffday for me is not very special but also quite memorable de !=) here i special thx to Kian tact for buying my a so special de cake !besides also have to thx to ann gee ,jin yi , kor shin,siew mun,cheng ann,and lengky for celebrating wit me !i recieve a present from my cousin sis ...tat is panties..haha ..colourful o ^^
the last week of march ..i heard many arguement from "ppls to ppls''!lolz..but do i included ??i also dunno !guess ba ...hope the arguement will 55 stop la !last year le ...dun argue so much la !more one frens better than more one enermy mar...
SHIT!i hate tis ~ponteng jor so many days !have to chase back the homework do till me "die die ''har ah ...lolz..summore i din go tuition class for many days u feel i lazy ??erm...shhh!!dun tell my mum !=P