Friday, September 10, 2010

Genting 2D1N

11/7/10 - 12/7/10 ,Genting Highland
The day b4 for we head to genting..we was chilling at riverside while watching FIFA world up !
out of sudden ,nico bring up an idea that ''my dad said he have too much genting points ..rooms ,buffet and theme park can use point to exchange !'' then we said ''woah~ wait apa then ?! lets go tmr '' !
so departed on 5 pm ,took about an hour then we went to have dinner buffet there !
Full to the max !a big thank you to nico`s parents !
After dinner ,we plan to have bowling session and starbucks-ing in da first world park so we can spent our time there while waiting for FIFA game to start !i remembered that night was final for *germany vs spain * if im not wrong !hahahha..
we became FIFA fans for a month! watching at mamak stall , bar ,restaurant and our crib..!
almost all the match we watched !LOL
in da end Germany won the 3 places !wakak wakaa-eh eh !*D
we scream like shit !all the supporters in da haus shout so loudly XD
damn gan jiong man !
Bowling session =D
starbucks-ing ! Green tea frap make my day *)
Yea !Game started !we were watching at Club 9 till 4 am !holy mama !
2 buckets of carlsbergs for us !
Gone tipsy after the match ended !
walking back to the genting hotel rooms with a trifle dizzy ! Looks !this kind of facial expression can only be shown
when u are lil unconscious situation LOL

we slept at 6am that night !
all of us sleep soundly like a pig !XD
the next morning ..gonna pack up and check out !
we plan to have our brunch at Chilli @ MV so we get down to KL after check out !
after brunch we head back home accordingly ..we are like dead fish can ?! LOL
anyhow, i love this 2 days 1 night !awesome !
End !


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