Monday, September 6, 2010

CNY 2010 =D

Is anyone surprised about this? yea! its N-months ago CNY-chinese new year post !i had forgone few posts last few months ..but now imma lil bitchy & itchy =Dso i posted this here !share wit u guys how was my cny :) B4 CNY goes on , all the chinese will clean up their crib and rooms & throw all the useless stuff and decorate all around the crib..!its was an awesome for the family-work together in this time.[so -called bad lucks will washed away]!
Tit-bits , gambling , fire crackers , reunion dinner, trip ,visiting relatives and frens , ang pau (get as much as i could ), new year movies , shoppings...all of these i had done in couple of weeks ! Its really a great time for me to met up all the relatives and friends..!I love CNY !
not to be over verbose since this post should be posted half years ago =P..just scroll down for some pictures *D

waiting to get heated up !*孔明灯*

wish come true !wuahahha..

Firecrakers ! *满地红*
The first day of CNY aka 年初一 =)
dressed up to visit my grandparents and relatives..!
many of them are heading back to their hometown (kampung)
but my kampung still at Seri Kembangan..i have no where to go! LOL
Ah-moi , Aunty Fong, and my elder sis!

me and granny ~

Moi and Peggy (cousin)

me and the cousin bro(s)

Gamble time !*D
for the night session, all the relatives will visit my house ,
usually my house will have house warming too =)
firecrackers time XD im so crazy of this !

end =)

next post coming up !stay tuned =)


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