Thursday, February 25, 2010

Desmond & Janice Wedding Dinner

25-1-10 ,Mandarin Oriental Hotel @KL
This day is Nathan`s Bro [Desmond & Janice ]`s wedding dinner !
As i know ,The Bride @Janice is from Hong Kong and she is gorgeous of the night.
Thier wedding dinner is so luxurious and splendid. They invited almost 980 visitors which have 98 tables fulfilled the hall..everyone dolled up formal with dress and coat up as a respect !
Its gave me a feeling like returning to the High school prom XD
6.30 pm we reached the hotel and there are having a cocktail as started.
7.30pm all visitors are invited to seat oneself in da hall..
Everyone are envies thier happiness =) Our Group pictures <3
edited pictures !

Me @toilet camwhore XD

our table decoration .

Me and Leon
Leon & NIco

The Menu of the night !
Mun & ME
Started *四喜*
*shark Fins soup *
Fai & Me
The Vampire a.k.a small Alex

Bitchezzz=)Members of the table with Nathan


3 lengzai .
Two of my buddies:Boo &Tact

Leon &Nic
Me & Han Ren @best basketballer in my school! i`m his fans too!!
Super Juniors ??haha
two funniest guys in my class !
Enn Joo &nathan

There are some performance on the stage !Magic show.
Mr.Kew *he is staring at me with his huge eyes *

Datin is singing *上海滩*while she is a malay !bravo ~
every family members have invited to the stage !
The Bride and Groom!

Yum Sing session !=D
Look they really have a big family (extended family)!

nice =)
The buddies of mine again =)

what are they doing?!smoking??Prohibited lar XD

Boo & me

AH beng and me !
Cute ?haha
Alex & me
Tact and me
Weng Jun & me

acting cool XD

He finally smile lolx..
ended dinner...then we decided to have 2nd round !Drinking session at Langat Hill@ Gasonline !
The night view of KLCC Tower
back home 1.30 am ..whole event was fun and awesome =) but there are something makes me not really that enjoy myself which is my AS exam result is going to out the next day.!OMFG ~! when i reach home at night ..i decided not so sleep and till the GMT 0800 am which my result release time at cambridge website !but i was failed that i slept at 5 am and i woke up on the next day which already 12 pm..received some msg from my coll mates about the the result asking ..then i checked wit myprivate name and password that our college gaved us..!
OMFG u know what guys..i PASSED all the subject !!The most worried about is my Law subject !2 months i was just wondering would it pass ?Finally Thanks god its passed XD !but the result its not that good also to those A student =P there are still far apart !And besides Thanks for the wishes from my frens !
Ended !