Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios~2008 !!

tis is the last blog for me to post in the year of 2008 !!we have to say Adios(Goodbye) to tis year le..!days after days passed so fast !its the time to welcome the brand new year again !tis year is the year tat gave me a lot of memorise and even joyfulness !its jux like climbing up and down happiness worrying surprising !XD
hope tat the year 2009 coming wit full of Happiness..beside i hope all the things go as smooth as posibble !i wish all the best to me friends !
and hope they are having thier bright future !!=)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leo Ku Live Concert in Malaysia 08`

Faye is going to celebrate New year Eve wit Leo ku at Arena star,Genting!!=)
i`m going wit my bro and frens..we brought rm 250 bro says he will be treating me this concert ..!!yeepie!!sound great !!haha..
coz b4 Spm he says tat ...if i study hard for tis exam..i will get some rewards..!!so..he make it now !thankx a lot !
erm..i wonder how nice would be the concert..i would tell u immediately when i`m back from genting...hope so tis concert wont disappointed me !=)

*besides..have to apologise to Nico tat i cant attent her new year eve & birthday party...i cant make it becoz the ticket had booked and the plan cant change by tis time !anyway..hope tat nico dun mind it !and i wish her an Early birthday and enjoy the party crazily !

Monday, December 29, 2008


29-12-08,mon,public holiday
tis day....faye went out wit Grace ,Jaynes& Justin again !!
still remember the day we play crazily..we went pavillion ...
around ten mr.egg fetch me from my house..then we start our journey..
jux around 20 min reached KL..coz today is public highway wasn`t crowded...
there are half and hour more for Neway , Times Square, ,start their we jux walk around first..jux reminded was working at the Digital decided to meet him..coz long time no see le...beside..he has been robbed yesterday..he get hurt on his have to becareful next time!


[looks funnyXD]

[smile wit teeethsss]

[our colour of shirt are the same..(black& red)]


next we headed to get our room!enjoying in tat room for two already 1 pm!then we walk to pavillion for idea to buy wat kind of movie we just simply take once..named ''The Spirit''!...on 2.30 pm..after brought the ticket..we had our meal at Sakae sushi...took some picture there...have a look..^^


[we are starring at u !!=)]

[we have the same post when we laugh~lolx]

then its Movie time..the movie started not even half an hour..i felt sleepy..i told u guys..i never sleep in the cinema b4..but tis movie can be category as ''suck''..lolx..we jux sat there for 45 min then all of us decided to run out of the cinema..extremely bored!lolx..


then we start shopping ...we when to parkson meet up mr kent..he was working there..!fool around in the shop..lolx..after tat we r thinking about nico`s present! for it till around 6 pm..we r going to send jaynes back we went gasonline at The Heritage condo(opposit of mines)..have our dinner..!

[two sho lou]

[mr.nono`s son]

[colourful!i`m not crazy^^*-*]

[nice lake view!]


we chat for two hours there..lolx..Mr.egg/nabi told out his experinces and some non-senses to us..!=.=''but its really funny!XD

then its time to home..!The ended for today..!!have to say thx for mr.egg fetching here and there..lolx..although his driving skill is not tat gud!!Xd...scare~!blek!nitex..!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


26-12-08..Sunway piramid! the last days for ms.gee coz she is going in to National Service..tis day really i have to blog up !!haha...
In the early morning..,mr.nic come and fetch us ..around a month i din woke up like tis early..lolx..coz he is going to test drive his new car at PJ..
so we are following him...after test drive..everythings okay..he comfirm wit his mum and ordered a new sport car o !!haha...
around 12.30 we started our day...headed to sunway piramid..the first destination is Sakae sushi...have our breakfast !after eating then its time for movie lu..we are watching...YES MAN !!tis movie really laughable...lolx..everything happen we have to say YES !!XD
two hours went off...continue we decided to skate on the really crowded so..we change our plan..we walk around till 6 then we went back to gee`s house..then we only decided to go Mid valley for our dinner !we went deliciouse but i think i one month will stop eating CHEESEs!haha...too much of cheeses makes me grow fat!...hehe..
its time to home now...b4 we left the parking...we take some crazy photo ..
so funny!!XD have a look..

[wad happen??]


[crazy look]


[formal look]

[smile ^^]


[opps...half of it...sry]

[Frens 4ever]

[cool man!! ]

[dead !!]XD

one by one mr.nic send us home...once reach the home..we[gals] cried sadly inside the car !!hugged hardly ..!all of us are so touchful and miss Gee..haih..i will be damn bored in one always chill out wit me,, even i lost my best bessie for three month cant accompany me..!!i`m waiting for u back from tat cage !miss u a lot Ann Gee...!hope so u enjoy in NS !!take care !!=)
*tmr we are sending her to the station..shh!!dun tell her..we gonna give her a huge surpirse haha!!=)nitex..