Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life Of Faye During CNY`09!

Hey guys..i`m back to blog now !sry for neglect since CNY session started !=) so here are the ''Life Of Faye During CNY ''begin!!

The first day of Cny ...26-01-09

The 1st of the year ,woke up on 11 am!prepared&knock my parent`s door room to say ''HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR "wit wishes&grab my ang pau !!=)is time to out now !

[my little Doggy was terrified with the firecrakers..hiden in the longkang !!]XD

Then we headed to something like temple [in the house type] to pray and have our lunch went to my granny`s house..which is my Dad`s side !wow..once get into the house..there are so crowded. kids..looks so we chit- chatting about me??hehe...i`m gambling wit some cousin bro and sis..

[heading to my granny`s house ][giving ang pau !][Seven sisters!=)][Peg &Faye][Sam(my bro) & Granny][Faye & my lovely granny]
around 2 ..headed to my mum`s side granny house !lolx..i think i consider no kampung..both of my granny house also located at serdang!
=( here..are very crowded !all my aunties uncles cousins..which i dunno how to name them..again..playing poker and mahjong wit bro become half day photographer..lolx..he used his canon cam to shoot us & paste the memorise on the wall !=)thank you !

[cousin bro][Four leng zai ]=P
[Gong Hei Fatt CHoi] [wad r they doing??]
[Big Family Pic=)]say cheese!!

around 4 ..gonna back home..coz my daddy`s friend gonna visit have to prepare..!around 6 they went back..8 pm..mummy`s side relatives gonna visit my house...!!playing fire crakers on the top floor of my house..which is open air !jux like having a war wit those neighbours..sparkling and explosion makes the sky turn bright and polluted..haha..really enjoyed !!they chill here till 1 am..finally my day ended !!phew~ i din`t rest for a day..but i feel so enjoyable in the first day of CNY ! how about the rest??

27-01-09(Chor 2) nothing special..headed to my granny and relatives house !Gambling,chatting,take ang pau ..!

28-01-09(chor 3)
12noon-get prepared to have my lunch wit Family member..act i should hang out wit [mr.kiat,shook ,gee,nic] but my daddy order me to engage them !so i will be late to show up myself tat day !feel so sorry for them tat they wait me for an hour!=P no choice..i had to followed order !First i tell them i`m jux had a lunch at serdang but who know..i went puchong !!then Pj for tea-time ! blekx..

aro0und 4.30 i showed up for them !!hehe..then we headed to Nico`s crib !is POker time..then mahjong time..we fool around till 8.30 pm!then we went to hulu langat,steak house to have our dinner !Gabbing around there..Mr.leon makes out the laughter for us !XD

[snap at the washroom of the restaurant]


[the winner of the day !!Mahjong Queen !!]XD

then..get back to nico`s crib again !continuely their mahjong..but i had stopped gambling!haha..i had won rm 10 jek tat day !=)not much !12.30..back to serdang !ended =D

29-01-09(chor 4)

Is time to visit frens (pai nian)!!early in the morning wake up ..coz i have to be nanny for few sis is busying wit her i helped her !then i have to clear up the mess in my house..coz..12.00 my buddies will visit my house to get ang pau !!lolx...the first dear ms.gee reached !following nico&leon ,then more actually !!but tat guy had missed the way from subang to my house !God..haha..he is Mr.Justin! he said he wanna drop off his relative at subang but when he back he lost his direction !i laugh like hell !XD i called him up to show him the way !in curiously ..he come to serdang in diff way !i dunno which ''lubang ''he went !finally he reached ..then we when to have our breakfast on 2 pm!damn hungry !

we went Shook`s crib--> Jinyi`s granny `s crib --->nic`s crib-->nico`s crib again !12.00am..went Mamak King which located around ampang !have our supper !1.00am get back to my lovely crib ! gonaa say Sayonara to my bessie coz she is going back to Jail again !T.T'' miss her !!hmm..i gonna say Thank you to those parents who r giving me ang pau !=)Happy Chinese New Year !and yet i should thanks Mr.nic too..for fetching me by his lovely car!=P

30-01-09(chor 5)

12noon..jux informed by my mum..said tat''let`s go prepared!! ur grandpa is gonna treat us &relatives for lunch for three tables!!my reaction is jux ''har??ohhh~!!'' coz i jux wake up !Blurrr~so went for lunch wit all the relatives !

then..back to my grandpa`s crib ..everyone awaiting for my sis &babe Gordan !coz since my sis back they didn`t meet her b4!!Sis reached!! everyone come down and welcome them..they look at the babe..he jux like being an actor or famous singer !lolx..i wonder when i was a i the same with him??photo section !then chit chat for two hours..then we gonna go Petaling street to have a look!my sis have n years never been there !for me..nothing special at all !=P
headed back to crib !

31-01-09(Chor 6)

after lunch gathering wit my family member !my parent suggested headed to Kajang to make the donation to those orphans`asylum foundation !!so we went to Lotus charity Care Centre -(oldy)& Shepherd`s Care Foundation center (children&babie)! giving out angpau to them and daddy donated to them also !Hope this may help out them !here are the address..

(Lotus Charity Care Centre )-No.41,Jalan 3A,Taman Hiok Piaw,43500 Semenyih,Selangor Darul Ehsan

contact no:016-6038571/016-9462081

(Shepherd`s Centre Foundation)-20,Taman Aik Ann,43500 Semenyih,Selangor Darul Ehsan
contact no:03-87231213/03-87236770

**anyone who interested u may have a look and have to contact wit them !They nid ur help!!Thank you !

then ..when to eat satay !emm..yummy !!back to crib next !night time..they were asking me to yam cha at Taman connaught [Fun Ok]..coz jin yi gonna back to the kem the next day !but i cant showed up !so sry !

1-02-09(chor 7)

i had blank out whet i done in the day time ! is the night time !whole gang of them are travelling around frens`s crib to collceting red packet !the last station to my house !firstly ,the planed to have steamboat for thier dinner !so mr.Issac fetched me from my crib to Hoi Tong steamboat to grab a place rather non- table!
waiting for they are [Grace ,Gerald,Shook,Choy yee,Jonathan,elwin,weng jun ,alex, chin hui ,Antonio,Kentzai,one more guy but i forgotten his name !]=P

[Get start yor !!]

[No vomit no stop eating &leaving XD]

Having the dinner there and fool around !about thre hours!then headed to my crib for ''lou sang''!!here are there..

[here are they !!=)]

[ready ??on ur mark !!]

[GO!!Lou ah lou ah !!]

then gambeling section!till 1 am..all of them back to thier crib!!

4-02-09(chor ten)

around 3 i went shook`s crib !plan to have a drink at leisure mall!!Suh are going too !an aged of day doesn`t meet up her..!god..finally she showed up!5pm-reached leisure! then we meet up Mun also !chit-chating there and had over lunch at wong kok restaurant..!then have a walk till 8 pm..headed to mun`s crib!waiting for some guys arrive !they are: Gerald,Tact,Fai,Alex, Lai,Kiat, Grace !chat,arse around,shooting pics and gambeling..nothing much !=)but we had fun on those shooting !here it is :

[argueing??nonono!!dicussing the posses]

[Cute little Alex]
[Alex had a long long hair !]XD

Monday, January 26, 2009


Halo peoples..
how r u guys?..CNY is started !all of u get hot or excited?
i`m not really..maybe my mood will get high up tmr..!tis few days..i gt a lot of stuff to complete..! the time for me to drop here..!
yesterday went sunway again with some of my crony to have a great r they..[Grace.Rainbow.Mr.Nabi]
i get 500 bucks from my daddy !Hehex..i`m fucking tat high u know?!but i`m not tat bad ..used finish it!jux used half of it for my cny garments and some necessary...
once we reached..we went to sakae again !lolx..have my breakfast !then we start to shop!went Forever 21,Kitchen, Asian Avenue Esprit..etc
keep on back bone gonna ''patah''!XD
then we went to gasoline to had a tea time !=)
[here she is..the dead corpse]XD

after that continue...!lolx..i should thanks them for waiting me when i`m buying some stuff..!especially missy grace..!haha..she jux like a dead corpse...haha..she was half human half ghost !who call tis corpse went clubbing last nite...blek..luckily she din FFK me !lolx...but frankly..i had to say THANK YOU lar!=)and..i take back my words..''those clubbing gal is not gud!''lolx..i`m jux kidding wit Mr.nabi..''i`m not saying U ''haha..

around 8.30 we went back to serdang..had our lunch at mamak stall!chill there till 10..gonna back to my crib..i`m freaking tired !when i reached call me up ..i cant meet them !my dear miss gee i gone back Ns to have a short term holiday !i din forget about it !but i really lack of energy!anyway welcome back yor !meet up u guy next day ! fetching us again! he really crazy!he done a funny+insane joke..we went topman ..since he said he din buy any garment for cny!he said ''u choose lar''choose jor i will try and buy!!''then i choose for him and he really try and pay!me and him doesn`t realize tat
tat garment i choose was around 150 buck!haha..when he paid..he look at me and say WTF !haha=)but tat garments really nice and suit for him !anyway ..''happy then good lar''!!XD

drop till here !tmr i`m gonna wake up early and headed to my granny house !see u guys !bye @nites..