Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie day !=)

Its Friday classmates planned to watch Terminator Salvation at Sunway ..i`m waiting tis movie for a month quite satified !the rate for tis movie is 4/5 !but some of them said it bored ..for me..Is NICE =)maybe they din watch the previous they cant get the idea....too bad..

Sam Worthington, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Mendes, Anton Yelchin, Christian Bale
Action,Science Fiction
Run Time:

More or less..sure we wont left out camwhore..=)only for girls here..boys was losted !lolx..

after movie..we went to eat our lunch/ a japanese restaurant {forgotten wad name}..chewing all the way ppl`s business...lolx..then have some shop..!then headed back to Sam & Quinne `s crib !i`m was fucking tat broke lar..i left Zero ringgit..!damn scary..haha..anyhow i dun care..blek..i feel very extremely sleepy ..coz i had out for 12 hours plus add on..i just sleep for 4 hours yesterday night..gosh..~>.<'' gonna sleep lovely weekend !!=Z time to sleep now !sayonara !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

web web cam !

today planned to do revision..but then..i dun have that mood Day wasted like this...doing nothing..and there are lil ppl online ..where is the people in the world goes?! finally i know....everyone was out to mamak stall,cafe house,pub,friends`s crib !!huh ?why?!cause they are supporting MU vs Barcelona match !lolx...till this morning people everywhere around my school campus was chewing this topic !

so wad i do ?!since chatting with that gracie then we start webcam..taking stupid picture !HAHA..

She turn to monkey

Then she send me some links of youtube..its damn funny ..Laugh my ass till 1.30am gonna sleep !...ended..=)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emo FaYe

Wednesday ,27-05-09

There are always gonna have another mountain to climb in our life..up and downs the hills..
Tired?!Give Up?!suffer ?!memories?!stress?!depressed?!I can understand life goes like this..I also understand that there are no free meal in the world within any working out..but how can people live contented all the way without any problem pop out of my fren said tat depressed /sad issue happened only u will only know what is the words Happy means?! yea..i agree with her aso !She become of my counseller when i`m depressed and out of mood !She is Missy SAMgirl..Thanks a lot !=)

I feel down and aimless this few days..actually i`m not the only one who feel that ..everyone in PB4 feel tat tension also ..coz EXAM is just around the corner by two weeks can we relax?!SORRY to some of my friends for looking at my LC faces damn shit..lolx..and thanks for thier concern also !we gonna fight it off !!GamBaTeh !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spect mui =)

Here is Miss Faye wearing her spect-(spect mui ) .. actually wearing spect is a sad case for me..i was really unexpected that i gt short-sighted and *san kuang* 100 plus degree..but is just for my right eye..left eye is totally fine..i feel very dizzy and headache b4 that coz it cause inbalance of my eyes...anyway Thanks god that i dun nid 24 hours wearing.. u see my finger is wrapped??lolx..bad news lagi..usually i kept my finger nail long and polished..but then yesterday i slam the door of the Van to of sudden i hurt my finger and my nail is break in half..which mean half on my nail is gone!.it was freaking pain and hurt ! T.T

besides ,i`m just finished my slide show for tmr presentation..god..tiring..!god bless tmr i will done my presentation well..=)
Bye =)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama..=)

( 18-05-09)As usual today is Sunday..Family day lagi...went to Hoy Tian Restaurant for our lunch ..then went to PJ for Tea session..then headed back to my crib..night..we brought a cake for my Mama...she was surprised and she had forgotten her birthday today !=.=''..lolx..

haha..there are only one birthday candle ..coz my mama dun allow us to said her actual age..XD Shhhh~secret !!

Happy Birthday MaMa...

i wish u stay HEALTHY & HAPPY always..=)

she had a trip to Taiwan today as her birthday present i think so! enjoy yea Mama..=)

pity me ..alone at home for a whole week...!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Outing sunway=)

As i said yesterday ..i had extra class for TKS for two hours..after ended we planned to have K session at sunway..i feel embarassing coz this is the first time sing K wit them =P we are around 14 pax..(Girls-FAYE,Shook,Sam,Ru yau,Nicole,Sotong,May)[Boys-Daniel,William,Jen Yang,Chun kit,Leoanard,Jason ,Kenny)

(May,Faye,Jen yang)

Mr Lalazai which speaks english geh do u meet b4??!(chun kit ) &Faye - doing ten girly poses XD
Faye & Ru yau

Look at that Jenny trying to sing gals pitch !=) new fren !

Daniel ..sings like Gary Chao Ge ..omg..surprising me
after 3 hours singing..we headed to Sushi Grovey ! Faye and Sam

we hang till 7pm..others went to watch Angels & demons..which i watched !=)so then i leaved early ..coz i had promised nico have lunch /dinner at 9 !i miss my buddies lar..haha..anyway Nico Gee and Leon gonna start coll hope that they will like thier new life+enviroment lar..Gambateh !

outing steamboat+movie

Friday (15-05-09)
omg..tat stupid law test&econ make me feel the horror..headache is killing me all the way tis week !T.T anyway all of is FRIDAY lagi..Yeah =)is time for me to relax !!
my bro & sis planned to steamboat and watch movie tonight !when to Damansara Village Steamboat around 7 pm which located somewhere at Damansara..Tis steamboat was quite special ..those seafood we order were FRESH and Still ALive..when the portion was send to our still moving..lolx..
erm..the price is around Rm40 to 50 per pax...u will feel sweetness and freshness tat when u eat it..Delicious !*Thanks bro *

erm..dunno wad clam is tat ..huge..

Abalone slide and oysters

Dropping the Crabby to the pot !

*Prawns *

We took about two hours to finish up the meal..then we walked around the garden with animal it special ?!lolx..



*Greenish lizard*act nt lizard lar but i sudden forgotten wad is it the name..blek *brown *

then we headed to Sunway for movie..on 11.00pm..
Angels &Demons

Ron Howard
Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, Stellan Skarsgard, Pierfrancesco Favino,
Run Time:

This movie is quite satified for relevan about religion problem and some fact of history of Rome..!the rate for me is 4/5 !=) the direction of this movie is the pervious director of Da vinci Code...i think u guys will curious that how he wrote the path and the way he solve of the movie..

opps the movie is ended on 1.30 am+..tmr gt thinking skill class lagi..have to back school..=(

*I have to apologised tat the picture is not really clear which taken by my lousy mobile..*