Saturday, August 30, 2008

Avril Lavigne live 08 in Malaysia^^

Avril Lavigne live cOncert in Malaysia !
hey Avril u are damn rockx lar...
love u so much!!
tis day is the same day tat my skul have a Merdeka celebration ...
many of the student din not go to skul even so of my buddy too..
but i have to go !=(coz..i have no transport to the grace house and go to tat concert !!
so i decided to sit ah bea bus to her house !after a bored skul celebration...then i went to grace ah bea bus..

when i reach grace house she was fully prepared and waiting for me to get ready...
oh..haha..i`m rushing to the to bath room and then bath and do tis do tat ...rush of the time man..when five...we have to reach leisure and wait for elwin them..

4.45 i reached leisure and have a meal at wong kok restaurant...
then meet up black sugar..then we went to mc.d buy some bugersss for elwin them..coz they haven`t eating there lunch yet...

cut it short....we reached at stadium merdeka at around 6.30..wah..there are damn crowded man~then we walk to the hall 3 for rm 138 patron...
Q`ing up and wait for the guard to open the gate for up bell and her bf too !all of us are 7 person...[me grace kit siang elwin bell her bf and black sugar ]

around 7.30 the gate was opened...hurray~ the concert being ready lar
...damn high ~

but unfortunately is going to rain lar...i really rained! boys are going to get some rain cot for us tat is foc....hehex...u`ll are a gentleman ~we wait wait wait...hope tat the rain will stop b4 the concert ...!wait while chatting too wit grace bell...and black sugar...

the rain finally stopped at nine...haha...god u are the man !!
the concert started at 9.15...
wow...all of us are screaming along and damn high lar...
avril played drum...piano...guitar...and sang 17 songs...
and i screaming like hell and keep blowing the whistle...haha..
and kit siang crazy jumping together...XD
at last the concert end...

really feel gt a bit disappointed! coz the concert really short lar..jux lasted for one and the half hours !!god~really not enuff for us!no encho at all !!=.=''
after the concert ..we went for summer restaurant for our supper..haha..
i`m starving and thursty too !!walked from the stadium till ts ...!!walking while singing too !!
after the supper we went back home lu ...elwin`s driver fetch us one by one back home...
really thanks to elwin tat he kept his promise !=)
i reached home on 1.30 am..really very tired and gonna sleep on the car le..!!
then sm called me and chat about her house party on merdeka eve..
i slept at 3 !!my day is ended le.. new for tmr again..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

walking along the rain !!=)

Tuition at Jude`s house again ...=)
after skul we decided to go judy house tuition again..
tis time we added turtle and shook member joined us ~
welcome welcome we jux study sej ..
after skul ...we follwed her back to her`s raining o !
b4 we started our study...tat turtle..was humbling along he wad starving
decided. to have our meal..
we went out by walking there...jude din follow ciz her mum was cooking her meal..then we [me .Jy .shook.turtle] called grace and KCY ..
grace had answered she will follwed us and we wait her at the guard house...but KCY dinnnt answer my phone lar...lolx...busy bathing there..XD
then we walk along the rain !!lolx..romantic lar...finally we reached mcD for our meal...after ate...jy and Turtle went to some shop and buy maggi mee and tit-bits again...=.=''it`s not enuff for them ..=)
sit there around one hours...chit chat along ..then jude come to fetch us back her house..coz is raining heavily..
revision started !!~Ms.judy had been our sej teacher le...she explained alot..haha...TQ
5.30 to 8.00 pm...jux facing tat stut sej book !!haha...
finally we explained and we finished up the chapter !!huuii~
i already lying down on the floor le...tired and greasy lar...haven bath till tat time..smmeellly~
then Jy called taxi to fetch us back le...waited at jusco ..
jude fetch us again ...after fetched turtle back home...
finally we reached home 9.45 pm..
our day is ended like tis ...kakaz..
guys keep in touch yar..
hope tat monday we will meet up there again~
i enjoyed the day very much ~

Monday, August 25, 2008

Banana War !!XD

Banana war!!fight together man ~lolx..
tis morning b4 8.30...sudden appear a form 4 guy [weng woon]walking in my class happily wit gerald !!then he walked to leon...
u know wad he held off??haha...
tat is a bag of leon`s birthday present...
wad the hell..haha..really going to mad when saw tat present...crazy laughing along !!!lolx...
leon was so surprise tat he never think b4 is was a bunch of banana infront of him...XD

in the noon...after lunch ..i had pd class i din when back my class...
stay at charity continue the study ...i love monday pd coz the time passed quite fast although is two period of it !!after class i when back to my class le...then i dunno wad happen to them ...(shen,leon,nic,kian yap,turtle,jin yi ,judy)laughing along and staring at me wit a weird feeling...haha

then turtle...asked me..''do u really love banana so much'' ??
then i answered ''not really''...feel so weird tat all of them staring at me wit a misery smile !!haha...then i take my bag and take out some books...
wad the....haha...u know wad i saw??i gt a banana tat wrapped wit newspaper..=.=''haha...OMG!!my bag had tat stuffy smell le..yer~~
anyway...tis war started....=)

i had throw tat banana to judy ...then judy throw back to me...
then i throw to others...oh god...u know wad ..tat bananaz..turn black and if soft tat jux press all tat juice things will cum out...yiakx....they still keep on kena my uniform !!yeeeeee~
all the flying out ..spread on the floor and on the table...haha
okie...the war stop temporary....

but they face tell me tat ...i still gt something haven know yet..lolx
then i saw shen holding out something on his knee...its my pencil box...
haha...i grabbed it..look at it ..there are banana again !!lolx...
fight again !!haha...crazy lar...jux only one period ...we can played and laugh like tis !!insane....lolx..din even ''peduli '' tat teacher..and i dun even know his name!!lolx..sry for tat !!wakaka...

cut it short...
when is time to cum to my class and helped gee holding her bag...she went to toilet...tat two guy really notti,...haha
leon and nic...stuck tat bag of bananazzz...into gee`zbag!!XD
when she back..she din even reliased tat her gone heavier...lolx..
then we went home....the war ended ~~!=)

say hi !!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Judy`s house


Tis day really gave me a gud memorise...=)
justin,jy, and me decided when to judy`s house to do our revision !
but justin ffk me !!lolx...sudden he say gt something to do cant make it wit us ..okay ...nvm ba!we went too !

wake up at 7.30 am..prepare myself and follow my bro out to have breakfast and he fetch me to Jy house !then follow jy `s parent to pasar then only went to bt.11 basketball court !we wait for judy..
she reached there...but i nearly cant recognise her ..coz there are much more different when she was driving a car...i feel tat she becum my sis !!haha...then she fetch us to her house my first expression ,she drive safety and in condition !!feel safe and calm when on board !!=)

then we started our revision jux for few hours..1.30pm..IS BREAK TIME !haha..we went out have a break..we decided to join some frens...first we went to fetch turtle...haha..din even inform him b4 tat ...haha..reached his home !!scared and surprise him!!funny...

then we fetch CY le...called weng jun,siew mun ,elephant also !!meet at leisure.....then we went to min dui min eat out lunch destination....
we went to sm house !!coz jude says she din even been there b4 !
we sing k ..move around her house !..long time din hang out and sing k wit jude le !!so missed the passed...hope tat we can hang out as soon as possible again !!haha....

drop till here will upload soon...bye!thankx for reading yar!!

[happy holiday ]

Almost two week din blog le ...coz tis few week i`m quite busy wit hang out, frens`s birthday ,and even had a trip wit my relatives..i really wish tat one day i can sleep over 12 pm...lolx..really tired tat without enough rest and sleep ...okay ...anyway ..tis two week i enjoyed and my schedule was occuppied i din waste my time in my sweet holiday ...=)
let see wad i do in tis two weeks:
hang out wit frens to THE MINES `s pizza hut...
choy yee`s birthday ..hang out to TS and then move to
Jan bo restaurant
Undang bengkal 6 hours
yam cha wit frens
-busy taking class photo in skul ...skipped many periodXD
-watch movie ''wall-e''
hang out to ts again..celebrate Leon birthday
one day trip wit relatives..
-went to judy`s house revision !
-but ...jux for half day...we went to leisure
meet some frens and sm house again...
*i will edit when the day passed.....=)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fish spa !=)

Shook Ting`s birthday (2-8-08)

early in the morning i wake up around 9 am...
fresh up and prepare myself and wait for Jy`s call !!
last night she say she will fetch me to shook`s house ...
unfortunetely,..all her sibling gone out and din not have time to fetch her she came my house on 12 !we go wit my parent for breakfast and my dad fetch us go !!=)thx dad...lolx

wow..reach her house..
oh god...i gt stunt !!haha...shook wear a dress wit deep V !!haha..
so sexy man ...=p
then her bro fetch us go !!reach there around 1 something ..
all of them are reach ...
we are around 10 ppl ..(me,JY,shook,Sm,justin,CY,alex,elwin,W.jun,lai)
we meet at bowling centre ..'

after bowling ...we went decided to go to WONG KOK CHar CHAN TENG for our tea time guar...and Grace @JAynes is joined us also !!then we brought a cake for Shook from ZEN~quite nice ..=)

After tat..our next station-->Kenko Fish Spa~
we walk from Ts to pavillion ..oh god..the whether is damn hot !!sweating
rm 38 per person and half an hour only ..sound quite expensive..
but anyway...tis is my first experince... geli and itchy when i put my leg inside !!cutie fishy is biting me !!XD...Jun @ alex...had the most big reaction!!laughing all over ...
full of noise there...haha...finally ...the fishy haven die yet ...lolx..

after the time up !...i decided to buy AVRIL LAVIGNE `s concert ticket i went there wit Grace and Jaynes !!wow...damn happy when i brought the ticket !!Thx for accompany me yar...
then we went back to pavillion again!!oh~i`m tired !!no more energy le !!
Grace and Jaynes had to meet up thier frens so i went to meet up sm ...
they all buying present for chin hui`s gf(yoke tien )..
then..we when to Chin Hui house by Taxi...
reach there around 7.30 pm..
first time visit chin hui house ...wao...nice and luxury...
all of them came...PARTIES IS STARTs~~
we sing K ..take photo

after singing...i went up the top of the house ...chit chat wit justin..
Tat night..are windy and comfortable...
quite relax..~

i missed few call from peggy(cousin sister)...she wanna call me for yam cha wit her frens..sry...i din realised tat my phone had call!!next time ba..
around 11.. Gee`s dad..fetch us back...i went to my grandpa house again!!
continue chatting wit my cousins...oh...i`m extremely tired!!
finally reached home!!but i haven sleep yet ..coz..i busying sms wit some of them!!lolx..almost 2 i only fall on the bed ...
great great it so much ...all my space is fulled !!haha....
time is not enuff for me !!sigh...haha

Friday, August 1, 2008


He saids...
i tis few days was not really natural when playing and chatting wit him !
he say he saw i had tat feel back ...
dun ask me...i dun even know !!i already trying hard to control myself le...
is it very hard for me !!i know he say tis to me is gud for me !!
but i dunno y ...jux like a normal frens he cant even treat me as ...
i already said dun think so much of it ...
i told him tat hope tat he will promise me tat he will treat me as usual and jux like FRENS !!!although he din give any respond ..or any answer so...
i should not take tis as promise !!anyway...tis all is my fault !!
wad can i do ??i really very confuse...
talk to to him...said'' too closed'' ...
dun talk ...dun play....said''leng dan''..
wad should i do ?? ??eye contact ??
i dun even know how to face him....
i really dunno how to react it permenantely !!
no comment arh...
jux wait times to pass ba...
hope frens is still along !!
i really toughless le ...all the things tat comes to me are so harassment !!
i hate tat...i wanna solve the problem by myself !!but can i ??
i try to tell myself tat cry is no used !!but...the tears which rolling around my eyes...wanna drops out..i cant control !!T.T
please dun appear all the numb and down faces again le...
PISS OFF !!sigh....