Sunday, July 26, 2009

Astro Quest Talent 09!

hey guys, is Saturday !! time for shopping =) since mega sale on ,i dint slack at home at all ! pocket money is just like water..!out-flowing that much !but i still gt a list of stuff to buy !T.T''..this Sat i went Mv lagi !haha..every month i will stepped in Mv for 2 to 3 times..!
erm..i just held there for 4 hours then i`m rushing back to my crib..stuff off all the things and went to Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium for attending Astro Quest Talent 09 !while i had promised Ee hong to attend =) coz she have free enterance ticket as a member of Janice`s fans club..that night Janice was the guest of the show !~Frankly ,i just watched for 3 last episode on the Tv !haha...
Yet i`m going to be a lil Fans there =Pi`m late for the show..while i reached already started..=P i had expected myself will be there on 7.30 but choice i already try my best ..!its really crowded as i thought !
it used up about 2 hours plus to complete the show !There are not only singing competition for the participants but also giving prize for Mv director and songs writter!there are quite pretty bored..!but anyhow i`m going to sit and wait for the result coming out !!Yet..i`m supporting Lau kai Fai =)He was really talented !He is the only one who sing Cantonese songs from the first competition to the end !he love to sing Eason Chan songs..omg..pretty good.!!
but unfortunately the result was different as i judged..disappoited result for me !i`m hoping Lau Kai Fai for the winner but who knows Min got it !i feel that its really unfair to Kai Fai ..on singing Janice songs..coz about the key problem !but anyway ..hope Kai fai will get some good news for us in Hong Kong..!we are hoping for the gud result !=)
here are some pics..i took ..Ticket for entrance =)

Janice !!she looks so ill..!she is sicked !

Yea..the final result is outed !!

Cyberjaya + Putrajaya

yeah hooo..~!is FRIDAY again !what a relax day when u heard FRIDAY !
everyone in my class were so excited and lazieeee..might not really concentrate in class..lolx..
even our lecturers loose the time for us =) *syok* usual my class ended on 2 pm..reached home around i reach home i jump into the car headed to Mines..for my lunch + snookering + as a fashion icon to help my cousin bro looks for his formal wear !haha..(perasan )=P*he is studying in Apiit..hope u like his new life there =)*
erm..its takes around few hours ..returned to my crib on 8 pm! while ,i have to rush and prepare myself coz i`m outing wit my buddies ..while is FRIDAY night leh ~!sure is for them XD
Pass nine thirty ,waiting nico & leon to reach gee`s crib..them we headed to EQUINE for drinking session ..sound funny right?!coz mines area and cheras area already bored try station 1,Equine . but we just sat there for half an hours then we planned to go Cyberjaya..!lolx..
doing what there?!lolx..we already rises to the next level in our life !!clubbing??!!nonono~~we went ''Carrr''-bing ! nico said !can i say as Lumba haram ?!lolx..

first time went to looks so cyber..RX-8 & Estima speeding up like nobody business with opened window and music turning ON loud..[gangster?!]!!lolx..*syok*we stop at one corner there which is dead road..nic start drifting..lolx..we act as racing official !XD
then..we went to putrajaya for night view !really comfortable and relaxed..chatting silently =)
headed to 7-evelen last session!..lets looks at the pics we took =)

Estima Vs Rx-8 ..both are ~~~!!Acting dead corpse..lolx..Peace 'V'My ji mui ~!Nic & Leon!

we are enjoying the night view..!

Putrajaya !!nice scenes...silently ~~

Two dumb-dee haha!!

last section..ended...time to back 1am..


Sunday, July 19, 2009

A usual is saturday ,move aways from the slumber after 12 noon..
went for breakfast wit my granny ..then sis and i plan to shop at MV which my 2nd home =)
reached there around 3 crowded once i stepped in !
who cares?! lets go head searching what a brand new stuff this week =)
act i dun plan to buy anything today just wants to have windown shop !i just wanna buy eye remover from ettusain and Gel eyeliner from maybeline..!but~~~~~~~~
ZARA is on SALE !!omg..tak boleh tahan le !3 sheets of 50 bucks gone today!
i went in there for 2 hours...imagine how many garmentS i grabbed ?! and out the fitting room !lolx..
i force myself not to buy !but i brought just a lil skirt !luckily i din bring my savings if not i may announce bankrupcy !XD

At night..when to Pistops for Yum cha cousin & frens..

the painting on the wall is quite cute..!its a nice place for chewing fats too !

but i perfer heritage`s gasoline !..i love the open air type !

My weekends ended like this !bye dudes..gudnitex..!muah !


besides..i wants to wish Bian Jie (siew mun )


all the best to her !stay pretty and charming always =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro !

Happy Birthday Sam !!,my dear brother..
All the best to u !muacks..!=)
stay happy healthy & wealthy (u love the most) XD



Last few days, i was like feeling lack of confident to myself..because of ?!Dunno!
but today i feel better cause my frens are still around me !they din leave me alone..!=)
i`m so appreciated !XD
my best buddies are going to genting this weekends !but i`m not going..~!tooo bad !
hope they enjoy the MAX yea..
but without me not that syok rite?!wakaka..=p
nvm we have many chances waiting us..!

today i have 2 hours break...while the first hours i was eating wit my classmates at Carbana..
then as i had promise to mr duck meet him up today the next hour i meet him up at AC !
omg..he was surprising me..he looks thinner and tiring looks...
he was rushing his assigments,presentations, and etc..he left 30 mins for his lunch!
omg..kesian-nYa !
see life in college is really not easy as we think ..!
Thanks for taking up ur time to meet me..
I miss the moment when high school ..
every morning..i love to standing at the corridors for freshing up myself with the beautiful and fresh air (mist around)scene in my high school while i`m always the early bird !..
here are the pics of scene!

he will accompany me always memorable..

now i standing at the college corridors which the third ones accompany me ,feel so alone..!T.T''..*maybe face problem *=.=''

different condition now..different location ..different feeling ..different ppls..*sigh*

what to do goes on like this..!
yea gonna stop here..see u dudes..!=)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

yeah Its FRIDAY !! i loveFriday alotsssssssssssssss..!coz my class ended at 2 pm !wakaka..

once i reached my crib..i had a call From GEEEzzzz...haha..i miss my gang of buddies...!!yeah..going to Mines for snooker-ing..and have our lunch /dinner!but we receive a small bad`s myvi kena collision..!fortunately ,not really serious...Thanks God.!
After pool,we went back to gee`s crib to bring her '' YoYo'' to Leon`s meet Leon`s ''CoCo'' for Dating?!lolx..nononox..both are female..!just meeting friends..!XD
Omg..Leon`s ''coco''is sooooo cute !i`m so adore..first time meeting CoCO*pics will post later*
after we playing wit them..we went to Hoi Tong steamboat !somewhere near my house.!lolx..

i`m f***king full !steaming for 2 hours plus..!

Here they are !!=)
*spot that Leon`s expression *lolx..

look at the soh poh !wakaka..laughing like nobody business there !cant even see her eyes !
i leaved earlier because i gonna go for movie wit my sibling !Finally i watched Transformer 2..not the ''Transister'' lagi !XD my classmates will understand it !XD actually i planned to watch Ice Age 3 but timing problem !too bad..nvm since i haven watch Transformer ..if i dun watch ,seem outdated lar..=.=''..=P but the rating for me is just 3.5/5 !coz i not really understand [maybe i dint watch the first episode] and i dun really like robotic movie..!sry for transformer`s fans!lolx..
backed home on 12 am..tired !i slept like a babi after bathing !
My lovely day ended like this =)
Nitex..everyone !muah !

Saturday, July 11, 2009

FaYe is Back =D

Hey guys ,sorry for neglecting my blog for few weeks ..
i`m quite busy wit my college stuff and i doesn`t have the mood to blog =P(LazY)..
yea..still remember the Shopaholic gang?!..[FaYe ,Grace,JaYnes ,JusTin]we get reunion last week..haha..ages dint get shop tgt !The babi Justin thousand years din appear infront of me..>.<''haha..finally i meet him up on saturday [4-07-09] !It was because this is a huge Day for Jaynes..!haha..Happy sexy 18 birthday for her !=) *Jayn, sry for delaying this post *
We went Pavillion to celebrate her birthday =)
Grace picked me up on 2.30 we headed to Pav ,then i went to Bread Talk for the birthday cake [Green tea Cake ]=) this is the present from Justin & I to the Birthday girl...hope Jayn will like it -as she adore Green tea so much !
meet them at Coffee Bean...then we have some shoppppp...coz Jayn wants to buy present for herself since she get ''ang pau ''rite?!haha..
Around 6 we went to La Bodega for dinner...ordered by Jaynes ..haha..
wow..i love the dishes there..Delicious.. =)
lets make the pics talks..
Here..the Birthday girl =)

my dinner !
Happy Birthday to u Jayn.........

we headed back home from Pav around 8 pm... once i step in my crib,my bro ask me to join them for dinner at Ampang?! i`m just back from AMPANG just now..=.='' nvm i engaged them also =)reached home around 10 i went for Yum Cha session wit my cousin sis & bro !chat for the whole day..i`m really exhausted..!laid on my slumber on 1 am....immediately slept !lolx..

*p/s: oi nabi where is the pic me and u ?! tooo much forget to take jor..=D*

The day of day ended like this..=)

Nice day but tiring...enjoy =)

bye dudes...

by FaYe