Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hari Raya holiday (1st day)

29-09-08,rainny day ..
yesterday night gee sms to ask me whether wanna join them at mid valley or not...erm..tat time i`m really busy coz of having dinner for three tables..in restaurant Sang Kee...my aunt kena TOTO...so she treated us dinner !wow 8 dishes all is my favourite...haha...i had a big tummy after the meal !!..=.=''then we gonna go to my grandpa house for gathering a while !
when i back home i promised them tat i will go tmr...!i sure wont ffk le tis time...if not she sure kill me!=)i went there around 2 by KTM !argg...i feel scare when i reach the station coz i never go any places by my own except washroom !lolx..isn`t gutless??...!!i not really know !!..but i will do it ...i shoule be tough ...i wont let ppl see down on me de (esp all those relatives -bitches)!!fortunately i gt a gadget to accompany me all day long when i`m alone !!thx to my sis tat giving me a such good gadget tat giving out sound ...!guess wad ??haha...
luckily today not really many ppl and i dun use to wait too long for the train ...tell u one things guys...i jux stick wit all those ppl tat same skin wit me ...coz i feel more safe when tgt wit those same skin colour...i know tis is wrong i should not isolate all those ppl tat diff skin ...lolx..maybe i had been giving ppl pick pocket b4 jux gt tat weird feeling ...
erm...say back today at mid valley ...we jux eat and have a movie (Babylon)wit them..then is time to get back home le..act they all say wanna fetch me back home...but there are 7 of us le..fulled ..and i scared gt police ..so i decided to on board by ktm ba...furthermore i`m not really know Ls...jux feel ''em hou yi shi ''...anyway i should be tough and try the thing tat i never been try ...!u guys too yar ...
drop till here le...tmr morning still have to attend my driving lesson ...and joining some of my peer for badminton !!XD

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

exam papers...

wednesday,24-9-08,sunny day...

argg`~..my whole body are very painful...my muscle,joint,backbone...T.T!i went for badminton yesterday wit some of my peers..i think i used up many energy and had a long period dint do exercise for few hours...god...damn pain...i`m suffering when i climbing up the staircase and squashing down to the toilet!haha...i have to last for a minute to take an action ...lolx..becoming numb!today GKK...have to training again (volleyball)...the painfulness is rised again !!

when back to home...i had to rush my time to prepare myself to get ready !coz i`m going to had a driving class..on 5.30 pm..my instructor named uncle lim..he is a funny guy lar..so many non-sense!lolx..wearing a sunglases like yes ..haha..

wow...he bring me to my house area -taman perindustrian serdang!then teach me insert clucth and so on...
he asked :''wanna try on the highway ??
then i say :''huh?!i say ''can ??are u sure??''....
then he say: ''dun be scare steady ..i`m here..bong zhu u de!''
then i say :okay !!haha...

i drive to the bukit jalil..but there are too many car and jaming along ...so we change place and we went to belakong area...haha..
first time i moved the car..tat feeling really funny and amazing...scare and nervous !!2 hours my driving class ended so fast !!haha..anyway ..tis friday i will enter the class again !!..syok!=)

next on ,...bad news came...i cant get A for science...!!haiz..its make me so so so disappointed !!i lost ten marks in my paper 2 ...god..not tat i dunno how to do ...i jux all tat CARELESS mistakes...arg~~i`m angry myself !!famous in careless !...sigh...fortunately ..geo paper ...i get A ..but i will feel more happy if i gt A in science !maths is still okay for me ..i`m happy wit it too...i gt improve on it..better than last term almost failed..lolx..maths and eng i gt B similary..see on still gt wad bad news i will drop again yar...haha..

write till here ba...tired le...see ya..bye!nitex. !

Finally !

Yea~finally my spm trial is ended !!XD...the last paper for me is PD..erm..all of my gang member are not really concentrate on it and even lazy to do revision !coz..is it the last paper its makes us lazy and relaxed...
on tat day after PD paper...we decided to went for a dinner near my house area for steamboat !wow...tis idea is out from shook ..haha..unbelieveable rite..?anyway..we meet there around 7 pm..we are ...[grace,shook, suh ,justin,siew mun ,shi kian and me] !the price is RM 21 per head ...then we decided to drink some beer to for relaxing and released the heat in our body ..shhh!!dun tell others!=)...steamboat is too hot...sweating all over while eating there..lolx..tat nite really enjoyed !!thx guys that joining the dinner wit me..!i`m happy wit it !!too bad tat others are not joining us...if not ..we were going to mad eating tat night ..lolx..
finally i can online after the trial ...i had a long period cant on coz..have to concentrate on study !!damn itchy ..scratching and scratching..XD..i had addicted on it !hehex..
cut it short ...hope tat my result will at get gud result ...even at least may have credit..i hate big stomach (D) and elephant (E)...dun appear pls!!
drop till here...bye..!